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This guide provides tools and basic information about the Convent & Stuart Hall brand. These identity graphics are registered trademarks and should not be revised or altered. We encourage you to invite the Communications Department to partner on your project to ensure that your execution is consistent with Convent & Stuart Hall’s brand and identity standards.


Convent & Stuart Hall
The school community is Convent & Stuart Hall on first mention, or Schools of the Sacred Heart - San Francisco more formally; use the school on second reference. The institution takes a singular verb (i.e., Convent & Stuart Hall presents the Annual Play). Only use full name of the school division if needed for clarification, and depending on context, shorten (i.e., Convent Elementary; Stuart Hall for Boys; Convent High School; Stuart Hall High School). Avoid acronyms in running text.

School Colors


Hex (web)
CMYK (print)
0, 100, 60, 37
163, 1, 52


Dark Blue

Hex (web)
CMYK (print)
100, 57, 0, 40
0, 68, 124

Hex (web)
CMYK (print)
78, 25, 30, 1
43, 150, 168
Dark Green

Hex (web)
CMYK (print)
87, 49, 60, 35
28, 83, 81


Bright Green

Hex (web)
CMYK (print)
51, 16, 100, 1
140, 171, 61



Hex (web)
CMYK (print)
10, 50, 82, 1
222, 141, 70

Hex (web): #909395
CMYK (print): 46, 36, 36, 2
RGB: 144, 147, 149



Image Sizes

To ensure that images look good on various devices please provide images that are 1200 pixels in width. The height can vary.

Web Fonts


Print Fonts


Used for Headlines and Body Text.


Georgia (Italic)
Used for subheads.

Used for captions and other sans-serif needs.



Used for Headlines.

Used for body text.

Used for Deks and Subheads.

Used for captions and other sans-serif needs.


* For print/vector files please contact Jessica Hageman.




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With No Background | PNG


The History of Our Logo

An Iconographic Story of Sacred Heart Education

The pursuit of a logo to symbolize Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco, began nearly seven years ago. Our Strategic Plan established that the logo reflect our heritage and aligned K-12 identity. Spurred by the challenge to envision a simple and clearly identifying symbol to communicate the richly complex reality of Convent & Stuart Hall.

A sense of Mission

In 1801, in the wake of the French Revolution, Madeleine Sophie Barat established the first Sacred Heart school in Amiens, France, to provide education to young women as a way to effect broad-reaching social change. The spirit of transformation remains at the core of Sacred Heart education to this day. The foundation of our logo is held in the Sacred Heart "ribbon heart" icon, which is intentionally left open on one side to represent a community that is spiritually inclusive and global in nature.

A sense of Place

Rose Philippine Duchesne crossed the Atlantic to bring Sacred Heart education to the United States in 1818. The first Sacred Heart school west of the Rocky Mountains opened in 1887. The Pacific blue plane waves of the logo reflect the school's location alongside the dramatic coastline of the Pacific Ocean.

A sense of Heritage

Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ, an educator and prolific writer, wrote: "Bring up children for the future, not for the present." For many decades, the rampant lion from Mother Stuart's family crest has been a symbol of Sacred Heart education in San Francisco. By incorporating this image into the school's logo, we recognize the timeless and timely inspiration of not only Janet Erskine Stuart but all the RSCJ who have shaped our educational mission.

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