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Student Profiles

Reagan | Grade 10

My favorite space is the courtyard on the Pine-Octavia campus because, while eating or hanging out, you’re surrounded by modern and traditional architecture in the middle of the city.

  • Subject
  • Activities
    Jazz Band & Golf
  • Space
    Pine-Octavia Courtyard
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Kailer | Grade 12

My favorite school tradition is the time for acknowledgements every week. It really brings out the community with our fellow peers going out of their way to show gratitude.

  • Subjects
    Math & History
  • Space
    The Courtyard
  • Project
    Design to Action Scholar Program
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Dylan | Grade 7

My favorite subject is Latin because it expands my vocabulary. Once upon a time, my parents said that once I learned to read, a whole new world would open up to me. It's true.

  • Subject
  • Activity 
  • Tradition
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