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Food Program

At Convent & Stuart Hall, tuition includes the school lunch program for all K–12 students at no additional cost. We're pleased to welcome Acre as our new food service provider beginning in August 2023. Acre is bringing some new options to both campuses while focusing on its signature culinary approach that prioritizes fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. A hallmark of Acre's program is its ability to offer a diverse menu, while still being accessible to less adventurous palates and special diets.

Decorative logo for the food program provider ACRE.
Rotating Menu

Students enjoy a daily entrée accompanied by seasonal sides. Acre's menu covers a 10-week rotation with a few popular items on the rotation twice. Meals appeal to a broad range of tastes, including many familiar “classics” and entrées with international flavors.

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How it Works

The all-inclusive lunch meal plan provides daily access to food and beverage items in the cafeterias on both campuses and is not limited by portion size. Students are able to go back for seconds and choose from multiple offerings during lunch. 

Food tray with broccoli, brownie, cantaloupe, salad and spaghetti with sauce.

Acre's Dining Experience Priorities

Salad bar containing salad, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.

Dining Management Team


Operations Manager for Acre at Convent & Stuart Hall
Jennifer Papp
Executive Chef for Acre at Convent & Stuart Hall
Display with various citrus fruits including blood oranges for tasting.