Food Program

SAGE is the school’s food service provider on both campuses. They provide our school community with delicious, dietitian-approved meals, cooked from scratch using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In addition to a daily main lunch entree, offerings include soups, salads and grab-and-go options.

All SAGE team members have extensive training in food service protocols and food allergy awareness. SAGE's comprehensive online allergen filter is an important tool that allows students and parents to filter all menus for allergens and choose safe meals.

A monthly Educational Seasonings program explores food in cultural and historical contexts, and chefs often engage students with exciting cooking displays.

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How it works

SAGE uses MyKidsSpending, a cashless payment system that allows parents to add money to student accounts. As the students check out with their meal, they enter their student ID number and their accounts are charged. Student IDs are tagged with the student's photo to ensure that the cashier charges the correct account. You will be able to fund a new account on MyKidsSpending as the 2017-18 school year approaches.

How it works for kindergarten students

For our youngest students, the school lunch option is slightly different because students do not eat in the cafeteria. Each morning as teachers take attendance, they also record who is having hot lunch that day and send the order to SAGE. SAGE then brings lunch to the classroom. Lunch options include serving sizes that are tailored toward our youngest students.

If you have concerns or questions about your kindergarten student's lunch, please contact your teacher directly.

Touch of SAGE mobile app

The “Touch of SAGE” mobile app allows community members to connect with SAGE 24/7! It’s free and available on Android and iOS systems. View the menu, create a custom allergen profile and provide feedback.

Using the allergen filter

Parents/students with allergies can locate safe food on the menu by using SAGE’s allergen filter via the online menu or mobile app. To filter for allergens/restrictions, click on the foods you want to avoid. Menu items that contain those foods will fade; menu items that do not contain the foods will remain bold.

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