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Education to Mission

Embracing 200 years of Sacred Heart heritage and tradition, Convent & Stuart Hall’s Education to Mission honors our membership in the network of Sacred Heart schools, emphasizing Christian values, spiritual practice, social awareness and service. This essential component of the Convent & Stuart Hall experience develops reflective, purposeful, independent and compassionate young people who are “seriously begun on a wide basis.”

Spiritual Life

As a spiritual community seeking depth, the development of each student as a reflective, compassionate person is a core educational goal. Spiritual education is an integral part of each child’s experience at Convent & Stuart Hall. Rooted in the Catholic faith and the charism of the Religious of the Sacred Heart, we invite all students to explore their faith, to be part of a spiritual community and to ask questions that answer the needs of the world. Our students engage a personal and active faith in many ways: through our K-12 chapel program; in community Masses, liturgies and celebrations; in retreat programs; and in “Espacio,” designated moments that allow our community to focus their energy inwards and to develop their capacity for reflection and interiority.

Mary Mardel, RSCJ, describes the significance of a chalice she made in honor of her parents and brother. It lives permanently in the school chapel, which is named for Sr. Mardel, whose work on Broadway as a teacher, principal and Director of Schools spanned decades.

Social Justice and Service Learning

A capacity for interiority invites members of the Sacred Heart community to reflect on the challenges in our world, and develops a social awareness that impels to action. Social justice is a central value at Convent & Stuart Hall. First-graders volunteer their time by reading to the elderly, and as our students grow, their service opportunities expand, culminating in a social justice course for seniors. Students directly experience social justice by working in relationship with those they are supporting. This cultivates a sense of respect and communal humanity, and results in a wide variety of social justice projects (such as the anti-bullying workshops our high schoolers conduct in local elementary schools).

Prioritizing and cultivating a spirit of service with others, Convent & Stuart Hall students devote thousands of hours to volunteering every year. Personally-selected volunteer projects connect students to a lifelong commitment to service with a special focus on the issues to which they feel most connected.

Global Education

From the moment they enter our program, Convent & Stuart Hall students are part of an international network of Sacred Heart schools; they understand what it means to be an active participant in their world and to be their best for the world. Within and outside this global network, students experience cultural immersion and enrich their understanding of the worldwide community through a variety of avenues, including international exchanges; Sacred Heart international leadership conferences; service learning trips to New Orleans’ Ninth Ward and Costa Rica; and video conferencing with students in Palestine and Mexico.

Student Profile

Eva | Grade 6

My favorite space on campus is Syufy Theatre — it's nice and open. I also have a lot of good memories there, performing and seeing others perform.

Drama/Performing Arts
Syufy Theatre

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