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Clubs & Activities

Convent & Stuart Hall has clubs and activities to meet most every curiosity and talent. Students have the opportunity to form new organizations and are encouraged to expand their interests. The clubs may reflect personal pursuits or offer a completely new experience. Most students find themselves participating in more than one club or activity.

Photo of boy playing chess.

Lower & Middle Form

Photo of a boy talking into a microphone sitting in front of a laptop.

High School

  • Animal Club
  • Book Club
  • Breakfast Club
  • Cabaret Club
  • Eco Friends
  • Film Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Genocide Education and Awareness (GEA)
  • German Club
  • Great Speeches Club
  • Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
  • Happiness Club
  • Latin Club
  • The Luzuriaga Foundation
  • Math Club
  • Music Club
  • Outdoors Club
  • Photography Club
  • People of Color Student Union (POCSU)
  • Philosophy Club
  • Scientific Research Club
  • Service In Action (SIA)
  • Schools of the Sacred Heart Interfaith Club (SSHIC)
  • Sports Medicine Club
  • Surf Club
  • UNICEF Club
  • Women in Technology

Student Publications

The Broadview
Convent High School News

The Broadview website screenshot.

The Roundtable
Stuart Hall High School News

The Rountable website screenshot.

Global Partners for Stewardship

GPS is a committee made up of students, faculty and staff that meets monthly to address environmental needs and concerns. The group focuses on four key areas represented by water, earth, wind and fire.

Student Profile

Jennifer | Grade 12

By attending all-girl classes, I have developed confidence in myself and am no longer nervous to speak in single-sex or coed classes.

Math & History
The Belvedere
Volleyball & Singing

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