After School Program

As a school that is rooted in community, Convent & Stuart Hall’s After School Program (ASP) serves K-8 families and the student experience by providing supplemental programming until 6 p.m. on school days, including midday dismissal days.

ASP is a unique coed opportunity that provides time for homework if desired and facilitates a combination of free choice activities and structured play, including free play on outdoor playgrounds and courts, imaginative play and reading in the Hoffman Learning Commons and design and tinkering in the Unkefer Spark Studio.

Registration for ASP spring classes will open Tuesday, January 22 at 12 p.m. Classes are scheduled to begin the week of February 4 and will run for a 12-week session.



ASP Spring Classes

ASP Classes are a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in activities and programs that they might not have access to during the normal school day. New and exciting classes are offered over the course of two sessions per year. Each session is comprised of 12-week courses, which typically meet one hour per day, one day per week.

Popular classes in the past have included: Chess, Mandarin, Cooking, African Drumming, Capoeira, Rhythm and Dance, Lego Architecture, Yoga, Coding & Robotics, Crochet, SSAT Prep Course and many more!


Power of Drawing | Grades 3–4

Teacher: Susana Barajas
Time: 3:45–4:45 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: Designed for students who like to experiment with fine art disciplines, Power of Drawing covers the study of line, linear perspective, light and shade, form and proportion and much more while drawing favorite characters. New skills and talents will be developed while designing unique creations using a variety of wonderful. Students will learn realistic drawing and observational skills using pencils, color pens, charcoal, soft pastels and ink. As a result, students show dramatic improvement in their drawing abilities, discipline and focus, and improve their attention to detail. The power of drawing encourages, inspires and comforts the creative artist in all of us.

Gymnastics & Mandarin Grades | K-2

Teacher: Hong Yao
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: Students will learn about several Chinese cultural traditions such as the Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival. Chinese language instruction is taught through movement, playing games and listening to Chinese stories. Students are taught short sentences and basic daily vocabulary, such as family members, ages, colors, transportation, animals, fruits, etc. Students will also be taught how to write Chinese characters.

These classes will open with warm-ups and stretching, such as the splits and bridges, which will teach students the importance of flexibility. Students will learn basic gymnastics skills, including cartwheels, handstands, bridge kickovers, balancing, running, jumping, leaping and agility movements.

Coding Dojo | Grades 3–4

Teacher: Code Fu
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Upper Coding Dojo consists of website design, app design and Minecraft mods. Website Design Dojo teaches students the basics of HTML and CSS by having them create their very own custom website about a topic they research as well as a "choose your own adventure" game! Previous coding students have made websites about various topics, from pigs to the Golden State Warriors. Application Design Dojo teaches students the basics of .js (Javascript) with Bitsbox, coupled with our own CodeFu curriculum. Students will be able to create a number of user friendly applications that will teach them the essential skills of coding. Minecraft Modding Dojo is where students will learn how to use Javascript to make changes in the world of Minecraft.

Leathermaking & Metalsmithing | Grades 2–4

Teacher: Dragonfly Designs
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Take a walk on the wild side and explore working with metal & leather in this next-level jewelry making class. You’ll learn to create mixed media pieces & explore metalsmithing techniques such as riveting, patina, stamping & dapping and leatherworking techniques such as dying, stitching, stamping and burnishing! Learn the properties of metal & leather and how to combine them into enviable wearable art. #fierce

Robot Building Level-1 | Grade K

Teacher: Jenn C.
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Students will learn mechanical engineering concepts and creative design skills through assembling various robots using an age-appropriate robotics kit. They will also learn basic concepts of motors, linkages and sensors by playing with interactive pet robots they build. The kit also includes an RC controller that allows students to control their robots with pre-programmed functions, so they can create and engage in competitions with each other.


Science Sleuths | Grades 1–2

Teacher: Kendyl Eriksen
Time: 4–5 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: How is a scientist like a detective? They solve mysteries about the world around them! In this hands-on program, students will dive into a different type of science each week, including chemistry, biology and physics. Through play and experiments, they will practice real science skills like asking questions, making hypotheses and recording observations. 

Kendyl Eriksen is a current sixth grade science teacher at both Stuart Hall for Boys and Convent Elementary. She has taught science informally in many locations throughout the West coast and taught second grade camp this past summer. Her passion for science includes not only the content, but getting young students excited to learn and participate in the scientific community. 

Art Explorers | Grade K

Teacher: Susana Barajas
Time: 3:00–4:00 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: In this class students will learn how to create something brand new using the endless resource of their imagination. Students will learn about the creative process while experimenting with different art mediums like acrylic paint, watercolor, cardboard, crayons, pastels, construction paper, markers, color pens, glue and all kinds of recycled materials — they create amazing artwork while conserving natural resources. It is very important for young artists to understand that art is not about just following step-by-step instructions. They will learn not through instruction but through play (with plenty of encouragement and advice). There is one goal in mind: to create a space for students to find their creative skills, while gaining autonomy over their artwork and the confidence to execute their ideas.

Engineering & Design | Grades 3–4

Teacher: Belle Akers
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Come ready to dive into design and engineering challenges! Students use their creativity and imagination by working with a variety of craft materials. The main project for this class comes from “Engineering Adventures — Go Green: Recycled Racers." Students are introduced to Senegal’s large recycling culture where people are very innovative in finding ways to reuse materials. At scrap markets, items that would otherwise be discarded are bought and used to create toys, sculptures and household items to be sold. Be sure to come to the Recycled Racer Rally at the end of the session!

Mindful Movement through Yoga & Dance | Grades 1–2

Teacher: Tara McLaughlin
Time: 3:15–4:15 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: Join us as we explore, create, move and relax! This class introduces the yoga practice in a safe and playful way for children. It incorporates elements of mindfulness with stretching, balancing and moving in a fun, challenging and interactive way.

¡Vamos a Bailar! | Grades K–2

Teacher: Lina del Roble
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: For decades in Mexican culture, children’s early musical education has been defined by the songs of Cri Cri, the singing cricket, composed by renowned songwriter and singer Francisco Gabilondo Soler. Immortal songs like Caminito de la escuela (The Little Road to School), El Chorrito (The Little Puddle) and El Comal y la Olla (The Hot Griddle and the Clay Pot) are wonderful and entertaining ways to sing and move in Spanish. Props, make-believe and fun idiomatic expressions will keep Cri Cri’s memory going strong in this interactive musical class.


Daring Dazzlers | Grades K–1

Teacher: Dragonfly Designs
Time: 3:15–4:15 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Dare to dazzle with handmade jewelry pieces! Daring Dazzlers is a jewelry-making class for beginners and encourages children to explore their creativity through an introduction to colors, textures and age-appropriate jewelry-making techniques. Classes are designed not only to entertain but to improve hand-eye coordination, small muscle development and pattern-making skills. Boys and girls can learn the basics of beading, finger knitting and so much more. Highly trained instructors create a relaxed, encouraging environment that should help each child become a Daring Dazzler!

Ukulele Club | Grades K–2

Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: Come play Ukulele! Learn how to play along while singing songs about all sorts of things, from animals to bugs to cars, and even write your own songs. This class will cover basic chords, strumming, rhythm, tuning, basic music theory and a lot of songs. Ukulele is a great way to create music and play with your friends, and it’s a great jumping off point for those interested in guitar.

Coding Dojo 1st–2nd | Grades 1–2

Teacher: Code Fu
Time: 3:15–4:15 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Our 1st-2nd Dojo is specifically designed by kindergarten teachers to teach students both the basics of coding as well as the social skills required to problem solve and interact at this young age. Skills learned here will benefit our Mini CodeFu students in day-to-day school life as well as on the computer. Using coding board games, robots (Cubetto), and Scratch Jr, students will learn the basics of computer programming. CodeFu Kids will gain an understanding of sprites, variables, loops and functions by coding their very own stories, games and interactive apps. 

Fitness Club | Grades 2–4

Teacher: Milan E.
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: The goal of the class is develop and improve general physical fitness in order to prepare kids to thrive in sports and life in general. The class will be centered around the basic foundations of motor skills and body awareness that focus on sports specific movements. Students will engage in a series of both on and off-campus activities that will help build a love for living a healthy active lifestyle. Bring your running shoes and come prepared to sweat!

Team Engineering | Grades 2–4

Teacher: Liam Carey
Time: 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Collaborate in teams as you learn through play by designing, building, testing and re-engineering structures that will challenge you to stretch your problem-solving skills. Focus on learning from your mistakes and improving work through an iterative process as you try to meet the respective requirements for each project. Teams will work to construct bridges, roller coasters, planes and various other structures after investigating the most important aspects that allow these structures to work. Teams will use LEGOs, cardboard, wood and a variety of found reusable items to go from imagination to creation. In addition students will use CAD software in conjunction with the 3D printers and the laser cutters in the Spark Studio to create a custom piece for each of their structures as they seek to bring their vision to life. Imagination, effective collaboration and thinking on the fly will be key to the success of teams!


Chess K | Grade K

Teacher: Jesse Dioquino
Time: 2:45–3:45 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: Learn chess in a fun, engaging and dynamic environment in which the philosophy is to instill a love of the game. As a result, students develop patience, strategic planning ability and critical thinking skills. They also come to understand that decisions, both on and off the chess board, result in consequences. This class caters to all levels, and participants receive exclusive chess workbooks. 

Chess 1–4 | Grades 1–4

Teacher: Jesse Dioquino
Time: 3:45–4:45 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: Learn chess in a fun, engaging and dynamic environment in which the philosophy is to instill a love of the game. As a result, students develop patience, strategic planning ability and critical thinking skills. They also come to understand that decisions, both on and off the chess board, result in consequences. This class caters to all levels, and participants receive exclusive chess workbooks. 

Junior Chefs | Grades 2–4

Teacher: Junior Chef Stars
Time: 3:30–4:45 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Junior chefs will be provided the necessary tools to create, cook and learn. With new recipes, the class covers nutrition, seasonal cooking, knife skills, the purpose of core ingredients and the cultural aspects of food. Junior chefs will develop critical life skills, all while making new friends and food!

Art Adventures | Grades 1–2

Teacher: Susana Barajas
Time: 3:15–4:15 p.m.
Cost: $435

Class Description: The Art Adventures class will give students the opportunity to focus on one aspect of art such as painting, drawing, design and history. Drawing, painting and sculpture are taught through fun and engaging projects, emphasizing technique and exploring various art materials. Students will learn how to mix color,s use brushes and chalks, make circles, straight lines and patterns as well as how to sculpt. This class employs a method that combines practical art lessons with a kid-friendly study of history and color theory. Each lesson will start with a short lecture, and then students will put study into practice. Classical art is taught in a modern way. Classes are fun and effective, with creative methods and spectacular results.


Elementary Drama - Taking the Page to the Stage | Grades 2–4

Teacher: Margaret Hee
Time: 3:00–4:00 p.m.
Cost: $465

Class Description: Take the page to the stage by learning about three tools of the actor: Body, Voice, Imagination. This creative course will help students develop performance and collaborative tools along with theatrical design techniques. Using a children's story book as the source material the young theatre makers will have a hand in all areas of production and performance. The exercises and games in this class will focus on Social Emotional Learning and help students with literacy through kinesthetic exploration of the text. Margaret Grace Hee, Theater Programs Director with Convent & Stuart Hall, will lead the class.

Meet The Team


Mr. Joey

  • Hometown: Sacramento, CA.
  • I’ve been with ASP since the 2011-2012 school year.
  • My favorite sports: volleyball, football and basketball.
  • My favorite movies: Lord of the Rings, Rocky, Princess Bride.
  • My favorite season: Summer time; especially summer camp.
  • I love working with kids and helping them in their day-to-day life — helping them make friends, learning how to advocate for themselves and to be proud of who they are and who they're becoming.  

Mr. Jovan

  • Hometown: Richmond, CA. 
  • I am the new Auxiliary Programs Assistant Director here at Convent & Stuart Hall. I graduated from Langston University in 2015 with a BA in Psychology. 
  • I've worked with children in many aspects of life such as teaching, coaching, mentoring, and counseling. I've also had the opportunity to go overseas and work with children all over the world in places such as Africa, Barbados and China. I look forward to meeting you all and having a wonderful school year!
  • Hobbies: I love to travel. I often play basketball, football, baseball and track & field. While in college I was ranked 2nd in the nation for high jump.


Ms. Jill

  • Hometown: Alaska via West Coast Theatre Arts Schooling. 
  • I’ve been with ASP for 12 years.
  • Favorites: Soccer, The Warriors, art, theater, photography, fixer upper, watching The Office reruns, dungeness crab, searching for the perfect chile relleno, Shawshank Redemption, and my favorite season is when the stone fruit is ripe!
  • I love the kids energy and creativity.
  • My goal is to own my own soccer stadium and Nighthawks Charter Bus.

Ms. Gio

  • Hometown: Chula Vista, CA.
  • I have been working with ASP for about 4 months now.
  • Favorite hobbies: Cooking and playing soccer.
  • Favorite sport: Soccer.
    Favorite movie: Coco.
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas!
  • Strengths: Keeping a smile on my face regardless of the situation.
  • Everyday at work, the kids bring in new stories that blow my mind. The positive environment fostered by working with kids is a happy and fulfilling experience. 
  • My personal goal is to get a PhD in Physical Therapy and work with any and all kinds of athletes.

Mr. Evan

  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington. 
  • I've been with ASP since November 2017.
  • Hobbies: Music! Playing music! Recording music! Watching music! Talking about music! 
  • Strengths: I'm a strong communicator! 
  • Kids give me hope for myself and the rest of the world. 
  • Personal Goal: I'd love to teach kids recording in a studio or DIY setting!

Mr. Alex

  • Hometown: San Francisco, CA.
  • This is my first year with ASP.
  • Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, and exploring random places.
  • Favorite Sport: Eating contest.
  • Movies: Wreck it Ralph and The Big Lebowski.
  • Favorite Holiday: My Birthday and Thanksgiving.
  • Kids are the future and it brings me joy to see them grow.
  • Personal Goals: Grow longer hair.

Mr. Ben

  • Hometown: Fresno, CA.
  • This is my 1st year with ASP.
  • I love to travel, play sports and music. 
  • My favorite movies are Step Brothers and Sandlot. Best holiday is easily CHRISTMAS.
  • I like to have fun with the students and make sure to always keep a positive smile.
  • I want to play a role in students’ lives by providing them with a safe and healthy learning environment. Hopefully I can see them grow and develop as human beings — that’s what it's all about. 
  • One goal of mine is to hike the Pacific Crest Trail someday. 

Mr. James

  • Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • I've been with ASP since August 2018.
  • One of my hobbies is singing and music, my favorite sport is football, and my favorite movie is The Maze Runner.
  • Christmas time is the best time of the year.
  • I work with kids because they inspire me, they keep me active, and they bring great energy into the world.
  • I just want to keep growing, learning and letting music take me wherever it takes me!

Ms. Kat

  • Hi! My name is Kat. I’m from San Francisco, CA. I started working with ASP in August 2018!
  • My hobbies include watching movies and outdoor activities. I am an avid skier and swimmer.  
  • My biggest strength is perseverance. I believe if I put my mind on something that is important, I will be able to make it work no matter how hard the task. I like a good challenge and I do not give up easily.
  • Working with kids is really fun! But it is just as rewarding. I learn from the children I work with everyday, I admire their endless energy and creativity. 

Mr. Jamie

  • Hometown: Lafayette California.
  • Worked in ASP for 3 years.
  • Favorite Hobbies: Loud music, rock climbing and playing games.
  • My strengths are having a loud voice, high energy levels and patience.
  • I work with kids because they keep me active and engaged throughout the entire day.
  • My personal goal is to get my teaching credential.

Mr. Dean

  • Born in San Francisco, lived here for 3 years, lived in Tokyo for 6 years, lived in Massachusetts for 15 years, studied/lived in Germany for a year and recently moved back to San Francisco.
  • I have been with ASP since August 2018.
  • Hobbies: Travelling, reading, guitar, relaxing. Skiing is my favorite sport to do and Hockey is my favorite to watch. 
  • Favorite Movies: The Big Short and Dazed and Confused. 
  • Favorite Season: Christmas is my favorite holiday, and Spring is my favorite season.
  • It is incredibly rewarding to be a mentor helping students navigate through life, while also building their confidence to keep exploring the vast world along with all its wonderful and plentiful opportunities. I enjoy helping them discover their passions, as well as instilling important values such as respect, empathy and integrity.
  • To travel the world, and become a CEO, Teacher, Congressman, and many other things within one lifespan.

Mr. Carlos

  • Hometown: Southern California
  • Hobbies: Soccer
  • Favorite team: Arsenal
  • Favorite game: FIFA 2018
  • I am a big fan of the Lakers/Warriors. 

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