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We encourage each student to take advantage of our expansive local, national and global programming as a valuable complement to the Sacred Heart journey.

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The Experience

Experiential Education

Developing global citizens

Community service, national and international travel, and leadership opportunities are integral to our students’ personal, academic and moral development and cultural competency.

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Photo of group of girls on a hike in the woods.

Student Resources

Meeting the needs of all students

Our students, teachers and parents are supported by a team of highly-motivated academic specialists who work to ensure that each child has the resources needed to learn at his or her growth edge.

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Education to Mission

Tradition, spirituality and service

Global education, service learning, social justice and a developed spiritual life are at the core of Sacred Heart values. Continuous, comprehensive development in these areas allows Convent & Stuart Hall students to leave our walls with a deep sense of purpose.

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Parent Engagement

Explore the ways parents are involved at Convent & Stuart Hall. Read More

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Summer Program

Our summer program offers students from schools across the Bay Area the opportunity to enhance their skills in academics, arts, theater and athletics. Read More

After School Program

Our coed after school program serves students and families by extending the school day with imaginative play and programmatic opportunities. Read More

High School: What You Know & How You Think

Student Profiles

Dylan | Grade 6

My favorite subject is Latin because it expands my vocabulary. Once upon a time, my parents said that once I learned to read, a whole new world would open up to me. It's true.

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  • Tradition
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Keira | Grade 6

My friends and I enjoy the Spark Studio at every opportunity we get. There are bins full of unused materials along with hot glue guns and hand saws that we use to create detailed structures.

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  • Tradition 
    Big Sister/Little Sister
  • Space
    Spark Studio
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