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Great Texts Canon

Reading Opens Up a Universe of Meaning

At Convent & Stuart Hall, we believe that reading widely and rigorously across the curriculum is the pathway to critical thinking and the development of the intellectual and reflective self. We believe that an expansive reading list is the foundation for all students to develop the essential cultural literacy that crosses and connects all academic fields.

Our Great Texts Canon invites students to think critically, flexibly and passionately as engaged citizens of the world. The texts that guide this engagement are multi-genre, canonical, classic, historical, controversial, fantastical and more. They invite our students to appreciate the fact that the act of reading opens up a universe of meaning. Our comprehensive and flexible Grade 4-12 reading list engages topics that build a critical and varied perspective of the events, ideas, thoughts and emotions of centuries of human experience. As one school within a global network of schools, the selected texts represent many cultures and illuminate the human experience from multiple vantage points.

Explore the Great Texts philosophy by watching this video and then hovering on the red icons in the illustration below.