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Educational Philosophy

“Epochs of transition must keep us on the alert. They ask us to keep our eyes open upon the distant horizons, our minds listening to seize every indication that can enlighten us; reading, reflection, searching, must never stop; the mind must keep flexible in order to lose let us not rest on our beautiful past."
-Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ, 1914

As Sacred Heart educators, we believe the integration of sensing in all its forms – intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical – is foundational to teaching and learning. In addition, a developed interiority and a sense of purpose increase the capacity for the education to take hold and be relevant.

Interrogating our philosophy and bringing it to practice requires our educators to continually ask the following questions:

What is the relevant methodology for:

  • a rich engagement with information?
  • translating information through sense-making and knowledge formation?
  • fluid recall and integration?
  • appropriate application and delivery?
  • learner output to be a unique expression of deep, personal understanding?
  • ensuring that students connect their learning to purposeful engagement in the world?