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Stuart Hall High School

Stuart Hall High School provides boys with a uniquely focused educational experience that highlights academic excellence and prioritizes the building of character for a life of purpose. Our culture is one of responsibility and accountability, one that expects high standards and provides a framework to reach them.

High school faculty combine expertise in their fields and a command of appropriate pedagogy for engaging students’ academic strengths. Stuart Hall’s course offerings, with its unique blend of single sex and coeducational opportunities, allow students to occupy intellectual space across all academic disciplines. Their learning environment is further complemented by experiential opportunities, including the annual sophomore Costa Rica program.

High School: What You Know & How You Think

Stuart Hall High School engages boys in an environment that is competitive and compassionate. While students enjoy the success of selective college placement and championship-winning athletic teams, we hold each member of the community to a standard of strength in humility and integrity.

Confident decision making and agency are key to each young man’s success and his path at Stuart Hall. In counsel with a trusted advisor, students take ownership of their learning, developing skills of self advocacy and metacognition. The total program articulates the commitment to each young man’s personal growth, not only in high school, but well beyond into life.

Student Profile

Geno | Grade 10

I really enjoy that while it is technically a single-sex school, you still get the feeling it is coed.

Pine-Octavia Courtyard

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