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Convent High School

Founded in San Francisco in 1887, Convent High School is the oldest division of Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco. From its inception, the school has promoted both academic excellence and a commitment to social justice, inspiring generations of young women to become leaders in politics, law, medicine, education, business, technology and the arts. A Convent education is built on a strong foundation of critical thinking and a developed intellectual passion rooted in a social awareness that impels to action.

High School: What You Know & How You Think

The academic program is founded on an interdisciplinary approach where critical and computational thinking are intrinsically combined to form the student mindset. Fluency in linguistic, literary, historical, scientific, mathematical and digital methods is the basis for inquiry, discourse and delivery. This multi-dimensional framework informs the student’s intellectual, spiritual and personal formation both in school and throughout her life.

Leadership and presentation skills are developed in the context of an awareness of self and other. Knowing herself, alert to her individual gifts and challenges, the Convent student is uniquely poised to step into her own path and to make room for others. With intention, an all-girls learning environment is complemented by coed courses and experiential opportunities, including the annual sophomore Costa Rica program. Our community of learners, led by an unparalleled faculty, embodies a culture of strength and grace, openness and sincerity, courage and kindness. It is the strength of this community that paves the way for each student to enjoy a lifelong relationship with learning, with her school and with her peers.

Convent High School Student

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Amrita | Grade 10

I have benefitted from going to a single-sex school because I feel more confident when speaking in class and expressing my ideas.

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