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Convent Grades K–4

Convent Grades K–4 build foundational academic competence through a hands-on, project-based curriculum in an inter-relational, student-centered environment. Our students are inventors and problem solvers, dreamers, researchers, and critical thinkers who seek to make a positive impact on the world. We believe girls are best served by a curriculum that taps into their natural curiosity with authentic, real life experiences in an environment that encourages students to take risks and hone their voice.

We invite students to engage with information in traditional and non-traditional ways. From Kindergarten through 4th grade, the school’s progressive pedagogy builds a literacy framework – a language competency – that is a gateway to all forms of learning and understanding. The intention of developing fluency in coding, mathematics, modern and classical languages and literature serves our belief that the framework for understanding begins with language formation.

As a girls’ school with a boys’ counterpart, we offer the best of both worlds: a girl-centered curriculum in a setting that provides meaningful opportunities to interact with boys. Planned coed programs create space for a broader social context for learning and personal development. In the wider context of a K-12 learning continuum, our youngest students enjoy a vibrant engagement with high school faculty and students, sharing in the passionate pursuit of lifelong learning. Our students develop an academic and personal foundation, leaving Lower Form with the skills, self-reliance, and drive for future success.


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Dean of Studies (415) 292-3178
Elementary Dean, K-2 (415) 292-3147
Elementary Dean, 3-5(415) 292-3189
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