Convent Grades 5–8

Grades 5–8 at Convent is a time of discovery where each student lives fully into her unique growth edge. Girls are provided with a path to fluency and mastery in all academic areas and are charged to find and explore connections among disciplines. At Convent, the Grades 5–8 years celebrate curiosity, questions, and the art of iteration; we invite each girl to engage in the program with infectious and ingenuous enthusiasm.

K-12: Confident & Questioning

The fundamental fluencies built in Grades K–4 become proficient over the course of Grades 5–8 and equip students to develop the language of analysis, ideation and abstraction. Students enjoy the opportunity to take a more active role in their learning with elective offerings in Modern and Classical Language and multiple options in mathematics. Our curated curriculum is complemented by extended projects that challenge the skills of invention, collaboration, individual accountability, time management and delivery of unique and relevant products.

A hallmark of the Grades 5–8 student is her independence and her interdependence – she values herself and her peers. Knowing that girls are rooted in relationships in their middle adolescence, our program intentionally fosters a social/emotional awareness. We believe that through building a strong core and self-knowledge, education can take root and can be a pathway to intellectual, spiritual and transformational growth. By the end of Grades 5–8, we expect each girl to develop the capacity to be an active listener and a powerful interlocutor. She is a self-advocate and an advocate for others; she is profoundly herself and dedicated to her team.

Convent Elementary Middle Form Students

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Keira | Grade 6

Going to an all-girls school has helped me create very close friendships.

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