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Lower Form

Grades K–2

In these foundational years, we tap into the innate capacity, curiosity and creativity of children and lay an extensive academic foundation through a hands-on, project-based curriculum that fosters collaborative relationships and a love of learning.

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Middle Form

Grades 3–5

These middle years are a time of discovery where children grow in independence and ownership, and engage with a curriculum that taps into their ability to think and write critically about not just what they are learning but how they are learning.

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Upper Form

Grades 6–8

In Upper Form, children emerge into their adolescence and live fully into their unique growth edge. Students explore their interests with deep inquiry and transform acquired knowledge and skills into outcomes that demonstrate their curiosity, innovation, independence and collaboration with one another.

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High School

Grades 9–12

At the high school, Convent & Stuart Hall students explore and engage with the world of ideas, learning about what is known and asking questions about what is unknown. In parallel with their academic coursework, students are called to develop a sense of purpose and purposefulness. A sense of camaraderie and collaboration animates the high school education and experience, paving the way for a lifelong connection to the Sacred Heart community.

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