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Visual Arts

Convent & Stuart Hall offers a rich and varied K-12 Arts Education. Our Visual Arts Department develops students’ creative potential, encouraging them to be versatile, resourceful and reflective while preparing them to be future artists, designers and problem solvers.

The Visual Arts Department is committed to serving a generalist curriculum that encompasses the fundamental disciplines and resources of the visual arts. Each student is educated not only in specific disciplines, but also in the complex interrelationships of all visual vocabularies. The visual art curriculum lends to the acquisition of communication skills, the development of critical perspective and the ability to work with a variety of materials and art media.

Throughout their K-12 arts training, students become socially aware, historically grounded, creative practitioners. They are taught to be critical analyzers of the world of contemporary visual communications, art and the culture at large. In a world with increasing creative demands, students prepared in a strong education in art and design alongside broad experience of art making and sharing offer something unique to the greater community and to the world.

Head of Stuart Hall High School Tony Farrell explains how students tackled a design challenge to fill an open space with a mural.

Student Profile

Sarah | Grade 12

I'm really passionate about design and film because they give me the opportunity to create things in my own creative way.

English & Art
The Belvedere

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