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We believe the study of science and its related fields is fundamental to a complete and practical education for the 21st century. From their earliest years, students explore physics, chemistry and biology through the study of core concepts and contemporary applied science topics. Engaging a systems approach, an appreciation for how phenomena interconnect and the capacity to recognize patterns, students are able to demystify their world and translate and interpret complex phenomena.

Convent & Stuart Hall’s K-12 science education is based on a spiralling of fundamentals that link to the following essential understandings:

  • Motion, forces, work and energy, laws of conservation, optics, electricity, waves, relativity and astrophysical study
  • Structure of elements and substances, physical and chemical nature of elements, periodic organization of the elements, interaction of substances in chemical reactions, atomic quantities and reaction rates
  • Organization and taxonomy of living systems, defining characteristics of living systems, macro and micro understanding of living systems and their subsystems, populations, nutrient and energy needs and sources of living systems, ecosystems and environmental pressures and stresses

A Convent & Stuart Hall student is equipped to explain the world around them, and will have the necessary critical and computational skill to empower their confidence and creative capacity. They are ready to predict new outcomes and design for the next frontier of projects and solutions, opportunities and challenges.