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Religion, Theology & Spirituality

As Sacred Heart educators, we provide students with the space and tools to explore their personal faith journey.

Research shows that from an early age, children display an earnest interest in the “big questions” of life, of God and of the nature of existence. The Religion, Theology & Spirituality Department takes deliberate care to curate and develop a curriculum that invites students to access and explore these questions in developmentally-appropriate ways. From kindergarten into their high school years, Convent & Stuart Hall students develop a recognition of the complementarity of faith and reason in the personal search for meaning and truth. In and out of the classroom, each student is encouraged to explore their beliefs in an atmosphere of awareness and compassion.

Throughout the curriculum, students gain insight into how world religions and cultures around the world attempt to engage with the big questions, with a consistently referenced through-line of Catholic faith, values and spirituality. We confidently engage our Catholic heritage, encouraging dialogue and the expression of the many faith traditions represented by our students. Our youngest students access these concepts through story and with practical applications in regard to what it means to be “a good person.” By middle school and throughout the high school years, students extend an enhanced level of sophistication to class discussion, immersing themselves in complex theological and philosophical texts to challenge, develop and deepen their spiritual and ethical understandings.

A Convent & Stuart Hall student strives to be a critical thinker who is willing to tackle tough questions, to examine and challenge their beliefs and to participate fully in a dialogue-rich, inclusive and faith-filled community.