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With the idea that cognitive development is rooted in language formation, the K-12 mathematics program at Convent & Stuart Hall is the evolving study of the language of patterns, space and quantity. The development of each student’s fluent mathematical competency and confidence lies at the heart of the school’s mission to prepare active and informed communicators and future leaders.

Beginning with the youngest learners, mathematical understanding is founded in numeracy and pattern recognition. Students engage in hands-on problem solving to manipulate and communicate their understanding. Convent & Stuart Hall’s approach encourages students to persevere, tinker and "get muddy" with problems until they arrive at a solution.

With a solid foundation in computational and critical reasoning, students are confident in their mathematical language development and are able to confidently translate the symbols and values of equations and shapes. A dedicated math faculty supports the confidence and competence of each student, encouraging risk taking, mathematical modeling and enduring understanding. The foundation in logical, creative and resilient mathematical thinking sets the stage for success across the curriculum and extends into life well beyond school.