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IB CAS Projects

CAS is an opportunity for International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme candidates to apply the IB Learner Profile attributes and their academic knowledge to real-world learning experiences. It is organized around the three strands of creativity, activity and service defined as follows:

  • Creativity — exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance
  • Activity — physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle
  • Service — collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need

Through CAS, IB students undertake and write reflections for a variety of CAS experiences and at least one CAS project. Here are some examples of CAS projects from the last two graduating classes.

Class of 2022 Projects

Empowered Student Safety and Self Defense Seminar

Summary by Arianna Benton ’22

This project focused on preparing and educating Convent students regarding personal safety and self-defense. As young women who are preparing to go to college, many of us will be entering new environments within the next four years. The project taught safety awareness to students, including how to protect themselves should an unavoidable dangerous situation arise.


Terras Irradient Blog

Summary by Olivia Webb-Purkis ’22’18

Do you care about the earth? Would like to make a change, but are unsure how to do so? Then look no further! I created a blog, where I added new posts every Wednesday, with a main purpose of providing my readers with curated facts and information about the gravity of the climate crisis. In addition, I recommended various lifestyle changes anyone can make in order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

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Advocating for the Performing Arts

Summary by Jennifer Surjadi ’22

I organized and performed a mini concert to help advocate for the performing arts at the school. This project allowed me to gain more confidence in myself as a leader, not only in the arts, but as an upperclassman, too. I want to continue sharing with other people what music can do.

Class of 2021 Projects

Virtual Science Fair

Summary by Gabi Guido ’21’17 and Kate Baker ’21’17

We hosted a science fair for Convent Elementary students with demonstrations and experiments in each of the major science fields. We hope to inspire young girls to explore and become more engaged in the STEM fields. We have both been at the school K–12, so we felt inspired to help spark an interest in STEM for the younger kids in our community. Through our CAS project science fair, we encouraged girls in Grades 5–8 to explore everything the science world has to offer. By piquing their interest in science, we hope to show them how science permeates every aspect of their lives through chemistry, physics, psychology, biology and more. Due to COVID, this science fair was held online, and can be viewed here.


Lakeside Landing

Summary by Izzy Ritchie ’21

Lakeside Landing is a project to turn the parking lot on the corner of my street into a park where adults and children can play, eat lunch and enjoy the space. My goal is to leave a lasting physical contribution to my neighborhood before I go off to college, and this is the perfect outlet. I will be helping clear out the space, clean it, plant greenery and make it into a space for children to play. The organizers, knowing I am artistic, have proposed that I paint murals and add decorative touches. To address the global issue of climate change, my design will consider the ecological effects of pollution on sea life while integrating an ocean theme. I am willing to dedicate the time required to make Lakeside Landing a welcoming community space, and I know I will become friends with more of my neighbors and make a real difference for all the people who use the park in future years.

Convent & Stuart Hall
1 Minute Play Project

Summary by Peter Wolfe ’21’17

The 1 Minute Play Project is a theater project in which students from throughout the school submit super short plays that will be compiled/produced into a show for everyone to see. I acted as the co-organizer and director of the production. I led rehearsals with a group of committed actors, eventually bringing over 20 one-minute plays to life. I also wrote and submitted a script of my own.

Sacred Heart Agamograph

Summary by Mattheus Tellini ’21’17

For my CAS Project I created an agamograph, which is a form of art that combines two pieces into one. Essentially, the structure of an agamograph is a canvas with jagged ridges that make a 3D zig-zag pattern. The first art piece is cut into thin strips and pasted onto the ridges that point one direction, and the second art piece is cut into thin strips and pasted onto the ridges that point in the opposite direction. Depending on which side of the agamograph the viewer stands, they will see either the first work of art or the second. This art form is fascinating because it allows an artmaker to combine two paintings/drawings into one art piece. For my project I digitally illustrated a picture of the Pine-Octavia campus with symbols that describe our building's history (its connection to Japantown and World War II) in the background. I did the same for the Flood Mansion and added symbols describing its history (the 1906 earthquake and RSCJ). The goal of this agamograph is to show the different histories and unique identities of the two divisions in the same art piece.

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Ada | Grade 12

I love being an admissions ambassador because I can support a school that I love and meet new people!

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