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College Counseling

The college admissions process at Convent & Stuart Hall is an engaging and collaborative effort that includes students, families, faculty and staff. We believe that the college counseling process is an exciting invitation for each student to aspire and grow in self-knowledge and purpose.

Convent & Stuart Hall’s college counselors help students and families navigate the landscape of college and university admission, educating them to understand and interpret the quantity of information surrounding the admissions process. In the freshman and sophomore years, the program features group conversation and information sharing, equipping families with a foundation for junior and senior years when all students take a weekly college counseling class and begin working individually with a dedicated counselor.

To ensure that students make an informed choice of college, the process begins with self-reflection that invites an examination of personal strengths and interests. The comprehensive four-year program allows college counselors to develop a genuine rapport with each student; in consultation and partnership with teachers and coaches, counselors develop a multi-faceted picture of every student. The process is a significant step on a life-long journey. It is a passport to self-awareness and a marker of readiness for reflective, purposeful and conscientious decision-making.

College Planning Timeline

2022–23 High School Profiles

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Stuart Hall 
Convent of the Sacred Heart High School 2018-19 Profile
Stuart Hall High School Profile

Student Resources


Director of Admissions and Academic Guidance(415) 345-5809
College Counselor(415) 292-3169
College Counselor (415) 292-3131

Resources for College Reps

  • College reps: Please schedule a visit to Stuart Hall High School through SCOIR
  • When you sign up for a visit with Stuart Hall, Convent students will also be invited to join.
  • Please email Tom Esponnette if you have any questions.