High School (Grades 9–12)

Security and Safety in Virtual Classroom Spaces

Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco has strict policies in place regarding the appropriate use of technology. If a student is found to have violated these policies by sharing access to classrooms being conducted via Zoom or any other platform, that is considered an honor breach and is subject to immediate disciplinary action. 

Links and passwords for Zoom meetings are the property of Convent & Stuart Hall. Students are not permitted to share these links, even within our own community. Sharing links to school Zoom meetings constitutes a breach of honor and will result in consequences.

Class Schedules and Expectations

IB Diploma Programme and AP Update

Two high school boys smiling in a classroom.

Departmental Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions


Convent High School Administrative Assistant (415) 292-3122
Stuart Hall High School Administrative Assistant (415) 345-5811

If you have technical issues or questions about school-supported devices, please email support@sacredsf.org.