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Welcome to our SFCorConnect Hub! While our campus and physical classrooms are temporarily closed, Convent & Stuart Hall students are busy learning remotely. Please scroll down for more information about our SFCorConnect distance learning program.

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Security and Safety in Virtual Classroom Spaces

Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco has strict policies in place regarding the appropriate use of technology. If a student is found to have violated these policies by sharing access to classrooms being conducted via Zoom or any other platform, that is considered an honor breach and is subject to immediate disciplinary action. 

Links and passwords for Zoom meetings are the property of Convent & Stuart Hall. Students are not permitted to share these links, even within our own community. Sharing links to school Zoom meetings constitutes a breach of honor and will result in consequences.

For remote learning information specific to K–8 or high school students, please select one of the green buttons below. All other content, including general updates about our campus closure, can be found on this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Types of Learning

In our new remote online learning environment, the way in which learning occurs for students is generally divided into two main categories.

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Like a regular classroom, teachers and students interact in real time, sharing the same digital space at the same time.

Examples of synchronous learning in an online setting include:

  • Virtual Classroom: Students participate in live Zoom video sessions hosted by their teacher.

  • Shared Environment: Whiteboards, breakout rooms and screen sharing allow multiple users to collaborate. 

  • Class Discussions: Students exchange ideas in a live discussion board moderated by their teacher. 

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Students engage in school work but do not interact with their teacher or classmates at the same time.

Examples of asynchronous learning in an online setting include:

  • Recorded Lessons: Students watch a video presentation or slideshow posted by their teacher.

  • Discussion Groups: Students contribute to interactive group documents on their own time.

  • Independent Work: Students complete an assignment and submit it online.


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