Workshop Presenters Lead Beyond the Classroom
Workshop Presenters Lead Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Convent & Stuart Hall campus, faculty and staff are leaders in their fields and often share their expertise on the national stage. Here's a look at six workshops recently led by faculty and staff.

In Convent & Stuart Hall’s strategic plan, Area of Impact II includes a strategy that articulates the school’s commitment to set expectations for continuous professional growth in pursuit of performance excellence in all employees. In fact, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in professional development, and many seek out opportunities to present themselves as experts in their disciplines.

The following faculty and staff — and one student — have shared ideas and strategies for effective teaching and school leadership as workshop presenters at national conferences.

Conference: EduCon 2019, Philadelphia, PA — January 25–27
Presenters: Krista Inchausti, Educational Innovation Coordinator and Bill Jennings, Convent Dean of Students
Workshop: Online Robust Vulnerability: Developing Digital Empathy & Humanity Without Disconnecting

This interactive session kicked-off with a hot-button question: How might we help equip our students to navigate an increasingly polarized social media landscape and have conversations rooted in empathy and our shared humanity? Rather than coming from a place of fear or simply urging students to unplug, Krista and Bill proposed an alternative: teach students the skills to navigate these digital spaces from a place of empathy, humanity and robust vulnerability.

Conference: NAIS Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA — February 27–March 1, 2019
Presenters: Geoff De Santis, Director of Physical Plant and Howard Levin, Director of Educational Innovation and Information Services (along with school leaders from The Episcopal School of Dallas and Woodward Academy)
Workshop: Essential Considerations for Transforming Educational Learning Spaces

Attended by over 60 school leaders from across the country, this highly interactive three-hour workshop asked and answered the question: How can school leaders embrace design thinking to help guide school initiatives that will transform learning environments? Content focused on how learning space transformation can support student engagement and how school leaders can become key catalysts and collaborators in rethinking educational space design and use.

Conference: JFCS Holocaust Center Day of Learning
Presenters: Michael Campos, Religion, Theology & Spirituality faculty and Leet Miller, Grade 12 student
Workshop: Deporting Our Neighbors: A San Francisco Story of Japanese-American Internment

Leading with the question How does the ideology of a nation impact citizenship?, this session traced the geographical dis-location of 110,000–120,000 Japanese Americans from city centers to the margins during World War II, told through the history of Convent & Stuart Hall’s Morning Star building on the Pine/Octavia campus.

Conference: #LEADLIKEAGIRL: A Conference for Risk-Takers and Changemakers, Princeton, NJ — April 5–6, 2019
Presenter: Belle Akers, Convent Grade 1 faculty
Workshop: Hands-on: Feats of Engineering

Two lively hands-on sessions featured fun STEM design challenges: a tower that will hold the weight of a small plush puppy, a tower with paper cups and sticks, a bridge that will hold the weight of a car and a wind-powered vehicle. Working with a variety of craft materials, students — and a few parents — constructed, tested and refined their designs.

Conference: Dude University, Raleigh, NC — May 3–6, 2019
Presenter: Geoff De Santis, Director of Physical Plant
Workshop: Pedagogy of Space

Flexible classroom spaces work to engage learners more fully, but there is a lot to consider when building a new environment for students. Geoff guided school leaders through the classroom renovation process, including an overview of terminology used by designers and architects, as well as techniques for selecting the right products for a project. The title of the workshop, Pedagogy of Space, is a term used by President Ann Marie Krejcarek to help explain the important consideration of space as a tool for educational transformation.  

Conference: 8th Annual STEM Forum & Expo, San Francisco, CA — July 24–26, 2019
Presenters: Belle Akers, Convent Grade 1 faculty; and Audra Jones, Convent Grade 3 faculty
Workshop: Hands On: Feats of Engineering!

A hands-on session will demonstrate how to implement STEM design challenges, all of which are integrated into the K–4 science curriculum at Convent & Stuart Hall. By making and testing prototypes with a variety of craft materials, participants will discover how a STEM and Next Generation Science Standards approach increases interdisciplinary connections for students.