Two Weeks of Dancing the Curriculum
Two Weeks of Dancing the Curriculum

Video: Second-grade boys and girls developed a language for movement in two weeklong dance workshops, under the direction of Artist-in-Residence Susan Thomasson from Lincoln Center Education in New York.

Second-grade boys and girls performed original dances in front of their parents, friends and fellow students in Syufy Theatre as the culmination of weeklong workshops led by Susan Thomasson, an accomplished dancer, choreographer and educator with Lincoln Center Education in New York.

The performance workshops, which took place separately in May, are inspired by themes in the second-grade curriculum. Convent students performed folk dances from around the world, while Stuart Hall boys told an origin story — or pourquoi tale — from China, explaining how there came to be one sun in the sky.

Made possible by the Hudson Gibson Endowed Fund, this is the fifth year that second-grade boys have engaged in a spring performance workshop with Ms. Thomasson. Second-grade girls participated for the second year in a row thanks to a generous donation. Please enjoy videos of both performances below.

Convent's performance — May 10, 2019

Stuart Hall's performance — May 17, 2019