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Mason | Grade 12
Mason | Grade 12

The course of learning can totally differ between single-sex and coed classes, and I think it’s really valuable to be exposed to both environments.

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    The Belvedere

Favorite Subject
My favorite subject is Ethics because it provides a really relaxed discussion space where I can share my thoughts and hear my classmates' opinions. My favorite part is just listening to what others have to say because often they bring up ideas and perspectives I'd never thought about. I always leave the discussions with so much more respect for my classmates.

Favorite School Activity
My favorite school activity is basketball because it pushes me physically and mentally, often in ways harder than school. The work my teammates and I put in is so rewarding, and I'm glad to have that shared experience with girls from all grades. We get an understanding of each other, and the bonds I've made with my teammates far surpass our time on the court.

Favorite School Tradition
There are so many traditions that I love at Convent, but I have to say Congé is my favorite. The buildup to Congé just levitates the whole school mood, with everyone speculating which day it is and scraping for clues in each class syllabus. When the morning finally comes, half the fun is just marveling at how the teachers fooled us again — I can't help but smile thinking about it.

Favorite Space on Campus
The Belvedere is probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen. When I walk into Flood each morning, it shines a soothing yellow light over everything and helps clear my mind for first period. Then during the day, I can stare at the view and feel so content yet motivated in a way that is completely unique to my Convent experience.

Best Part of Your Day
I always look forward to walking into Computer Science and asking Mr. Grant about the latest movie he's watched. Each week he sees a new movie in theaters, and my friends and I get to hear his mini review if we ask about it. He usually gives us some more movie suggestions and the conversation wanders. I always end up learning something I didn't know and then class starts. It's just a nice way to begin the morning.

Favorite School Project
I'm always proud of my work on The Broadview, and in the last edition I improved in my infographic-making skills. I spent a lot of time on Adobe Illustrator designing a clear graphic for a stress burnout story and creating little icons for my viral internet challenges graphic. Before doing journalism, I never realized how much work goes into making a simple clear infographic, so I'm glad that I've been able to improve those skills.

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Coed Community
There's a certain comfort and solidarity when the school environment is all girls, which allows class discussions to manifest naturally. Having that kind of environment helps me get the most out of classes like English, Ethics and History and also develop closer relationships with more girls. On the other hand, my coed classes, like Physics, bring a different pace, and often the boys are more curious about the real-life application of concepts. The course of learning can totally differ between single-sex and coed classes, and I think it's really valuable to be exposed to both environments.

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
I'm not sure yet, but psychology seems intriguing and could probably help me in any career.