Jorim | Grade 12
Jorim | Grade 12

My favorite subject is English. Our teacher tries to relate our class discussions to current situations, which helps me stay aware of what's going on around the world.

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Favorite Subject
My favorite subject is English. This year, it's not just your typical English class of grammar, vocab, reading assignments and essays. Even though we do have those aspects of the class, we are able to sit down in a group and discuss each other's points of view. Also, our teacher tries to relate our class discussions to current situations, which helps me stay aware of what's going on around the world.

Favorite School Activity
Football has to be my number one school activity. It opens up a chance for me to display all of the hard work that I put in to be successful in the sport. Also, the atmosphere of support is one-of-a-kind. Coaches, players and fans all come together to enjoy this sport.

Favorite School Tradition
Congé is by far the best school tradition. We all show up to class and about 15 minutes into class, someone blows a horn and announces that it's Congé. This tradition usually brings both campuses, Convent & Stuart Hall, together for a day filled with fun.

Favorite Space/Classroom on Campus
The Columbus Room is my favorite space on campus. During lunch, all of my friends and I gather together around the lunch tables and enjoy conversing with each other. The topics mainly consist of witty jokes, which happens to be one of my specialties.

Best Part of Your Day
The best part of the day is when I get to go to a practice of one of the three sports that I participate in. Though the physical conditioning may not be as fun, I know that everything the coaches have us do is for the bettering of our skills. As a bonus, I get to be around my closest friends during practice.

Favorite School Project
I am most proud of a drawing I did in sophomore year Visual Arts 2. I drew a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge joined together in the center, to signify each of the U.S.'s coasts being joined together. Ms. Hellstrom, the art teacher, thought it was good enough to add it to the display that our school contributed to the SFO airport art show and with my permission put it on display. Though I wasn't able to see it on display, I was still glad to know that my work was on display for others to see.

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Coed Community
Some of the topics that we discuss in class are more easily relatable to males and I enjoy having that aspect of a single-sex school. Because it is also a coed school, I get to become friends with the girls and somehow, it's different from my previous middle school that was only coed.

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece by Gustav Schwab

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
I would like to be a sports trainer. Our athletic trainer, Josh, has helped me want to pursue this career.