Jack | Grade 7
Jack | Grade 7

I have benefitted from going to a single-sex school because I get to spend more time with boys my age. The teachers make it really fun for boys.

  • Subject
    Social Studies
  • Project
    Mission Project
  • Tradition

Favorite Subject
My favorite subject is Social Studies (not including P.E. and Art). I like it so much because my advisor is the teacher, and he is a great guy and is very smart. Another reason why I like Social Studies is because I love what we are learning about (the Egyptians/Mesopotamia). History is very cool.

Favorite School Activity
My favorite school activity is being on a school sports team. I played soccer, basketball and baseball this year. On the team, you get time to play with your friends — plus I just flat out love sports. I am also very competitive so being in a competitive league is lots of fun.

Favorite School Tradition
My favorite school tradition is tied between Congé and Field Day. Congé is a school tradition where the eighth graders plan a whole day of fun for the school. I like it because it is almost like a day off of school, and I get no homework. Also, there is tons of cotton candy. Field Day is a big competition between the four colors, which are groups of our school "families." The teachers play a big softball game against the eighth graders, which is a great tradition.

Favorite Space on Campus
My favorite place is tied between the gym and my advisory classroom. I like the gym because it is where we have recess and where I play some basketball games. I like my advisory classroom because it is where I learn a bunch of stuff about life and it is a quiet space for me to do homework.

Best Part of Your Day
The best part of my day is recess and lunch. I like these times because my best friends are all in the other class, so I get to spend time with them. I also like these times because we all eat together and I get to play basketball.

Favorite School Project
I am most proud of the mission project. I am most proud of it because I worked on it with one of my best friends, Drew. We worked really hard and it paid off — we got 100%!  The mission we had was Mission Santa Clara. I loved visiting the campus because of how beautiful it was.

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Coed Community
I have benefitted from going to a single-sex school because I get to spend more time with boys my age. The teachers make it really fun for boys. I like that it is coed, though, because we still get to spend time with girls in transition periods and after school. It's kind of hard to talk to some of the girls because in Kindergarten they were grossed out by us and we were grossed out by them. So it's good that we see them now that we are older.

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
Summer Ball by Mike Lupica

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
I want to be a lawyer because my mom is a lawyer and, like her, I have an answer for everything. Seriously though, I like to see things from different points of view.