High School Students Rise to the Challenge of Staging Hit Musical
High School Students Rise to the Challenge of Staging Hit Musical

In front of sellout crowds in Syufy Theatre, high school students performed their spring musical, A Chorus Line, March 15-17.

This year's spring musical, A Chorus Line, proved to be one of the most popular Convent & Stuart Hall shows yet, with sellout crowds packing Syufy Theatre for three performances in mid-March.

The show, which opened on Broadway in 1975 and still stands as one of the longest-running Broadway productions, follows the lives of 17 dancers auditioning for spots on a chorus line. It features one highly technical dance number after another, which is why director Pamela Rickard calls it "a monstrously difficult show."

When asked how the cast and crew handled the challenge, Pamela answered, "They shot for the moon on this show and exceeded all of our expectations. Everyone worked so hard, so intensely and in such a powerfully united way."

High School Musical: A Chorus Line
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It is based on the true stories of professional dancers, revealing the often unseen reality behind the glamour of a career as a performer. "I love the show because it expresses so poignantly the struggles, challenges and triumphs of overcoming obstacles to follow your dreams," Pamela says, "which I think is at the heart of the high school experience."

The Convent & Stuart Hall drama program has seen tremendous growth since Pamela arrived 10 years ago. "I think kids are catching on to the fact that the theatre is a fun place to discover and express themselves both on or off stage," she says. "We are really committed to developing high quality shows, which I think the kids recognize and value being a part of."

Photo credit: Michael Hong