High School Fall Play: A Glimpse at Teen Life
High School Fall Play: A Glimpse at Teen Life

Browse photos from Sixteen in 10 minutes or Less, featuring original scenes and music about what it means to be 16. Plus, relive the opening dance number performed by the full cast.

The opening number of the high school fall drama production Sixteen in 10 minutes or Less, which ran November 10-12, delivered an eruption of applause. With Lauryn Hill's Everything Is Everything filling Syufy Theatre, the curtain opened to the full co-ed cast stretched across the stage, moving in unison to choreography by former Broadway dancer Tricia Cronin.

The opening dance number of 'Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less' performed by the full cast. Video by Robbie Socks.

The contemporary play, written by Bradley Hayward in 2011, captures the challenges and milestones of early adulthood, tackling everything from braces, to first dates and bullying. But during rehearsals, "it became apparent that some of the scripted material wasn't fully relevant to the Convent & Stuart Hall students," says Performing Arts faculty Pamela Rickard, the play's director.

So students set out to create their own material to augment the original script. "They came up with a variety of topics," Pamela says, "which we improvised and turned into scenes over the course of a few rehearsals." Original music also came out of those conversations. Sophomore Sophie Egan performed a monologue and song in one of 16 short scenes about navigating challenges of identity, sadness, independence and more.

"The audiences really loved seeing and getting a little more insight into the lives of teenagers, particularly about how the digital world impacts the emotional lives of teenagers," Pamela says. "I loved their willingness to be vulnerable and expressive with and for each other."

Use the arrows to scroll through this album. Photos by Michael Hong.Fall Play: Sixteen in 10 Minutes or Less

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