Soccer Championship Caps Brilliant Four-Year Run
Soccer Championship Caps Brilliant Four-Year Run

By the time Convent eighth graders claimed their third soccer title in four years, they had outscored opponents 41-3.

Convent's eighth grade soccer team capped off an undefeated season with a thrilling 2-1  victory over St. Cecilia on January 27. The championship is the third for many of the players — the class's top team owns a dominant 31-1 record over the last four years, having also won titles in fifth and sixth grade.

To make it to the final game, which Convent lost last year, the team scored six goals in the CYO semifinals, matching its season average while allowing just one goal to St. Vincent De Paul.

In her fourth year leading the team — and because many of the girls also play for outside club teams — Head Coach Jill Lounsbury could focus on the finer points of the game from the first day of practice. "I worked on team concepts such as learning to possess, developing offensive 'build-up' and transitioning," she says.

Convent racked up 41 goals scored while only giving up three to opponents in eight games.

Jill, who is also the general manager for the San Francisco Nighthawks, a member of the Women's Premier League, says she looks forward to watching the girls play in high school. "I can't begin to tell you how much I'll miss these fine young women," she adds. "As goofy as they could be, they were so coachable and eager to learn."

Click and drag the slider to compare photos of the 2015 and 2018 championship teams.Photo credit: Cody Lee Fusco