Arianna | Grade 10
Arianna | Grade 10

Single-sex education has really given me a newfound confidence in the classroom that I never had before. In a single-sex environment, there is no gender dominance, which makes me more likely to voice my opinion and ask questions.

  • Subjects
    English and Physics
  • Space
    Williams Library
  • Activity
    Model UN

Favorite Subjects
Currently, I am finding Honors English I and Physics to be my preferred classes. Coming from a school with a completely different mindset regarding composition, the opportunities in Honors English for essay and creative writing really have allowed me to develop my own individual writing style. In Physics, the amount of experimentation and collaborative critical thinking has helped me to improve my group work decorum and has helped me to learn the content's applications in day-to-day life.

Favorite School Activity
The most beneficial activity that I have taken part of this year is the founding of the Convent Model United Nations. Founding a club really allowed me to develop the leadership skills that are needed in the work force and the real world, and the other founders and I have been developing many useful skills, mindsets and mannerisms throughout the effortful process of building the foundation for a successful and durable organization.

Favorite School Tradition
PAWS has to be my favorite school tradition. Convent is already a small community, but when you shrink it down to an even smaller group of your peers, it really highlights the intimacy and kinship of the family that is Convent of the Sacred Heart. Also, via questions and activities moderated by our advisors, PAWS has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of a portion of my class.

Favorite Space/Classroom on Campus
When I walk into the Williams Library, all of my senses are activated by the density of intellect in such a small space. I hear the dead silence (personally, my favorite sound when it comes to studying), I see hundreds of books, I feel the dedication and potential of all the hard-working scholars in the room, I smell that smell of worn, loved books (one of my all-time favorite scents). Once I have experienced these four sensations, I develop this hunger for knowledge; that yearning for learning more, and this is why the Williams Library is my favorite learning space on campus.

Best Part of Your Day
My favorite part of the day is running into my friends in the hallway and hearing something fascinating that they learned in their previous class. For me, any day in the Flood Mansion is full of learning things that I never knew. Whether it's through the mouths of teachers or my peers, sharing information with others is a way to help feed this hunger for knowledge that Convent students have.

Favorite School Project
In Honors Geometry, we had to come up with our own model and experiment that would help us calculate the distance from the earth to the moon without leaving the Flood Mansion and without having any given measurements of the moon. When Mr. Person-Rennell initially told us about this project, I thought that it was impossible. I mean, how can you figure out how far away a moon is from its home planet without advanced instruments and without leaving your current location? I sat down one evening and drew model after model after model. The night before the project was due, I ended up with a model that still didn't work. I remembered what Mr. Person-Rennell said in class: "When you have an idea, draw it out. Even if you do not think that it will work, draw it out. Once you have drawn it out, keep pulling that thread." Keep pulling that thread, keep pulling that thread. So, I made the totally rational decision of throwing out my initial model and making a mind map that turned into a drawing and this drawing actually worked.

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Coed Community
Single-sex education has really given me a newfound confidence in the classroom that I never had before. When I am surrounded by the opposite gender in the classroom, I tend to be more reserved, along with most of my female peers. This leads the boys to dominate the classroom environment, which makes the girls who would like to say something less likely to raise their hand. In a single-sex environment, there is no gender dominance, which makes me more likely to voice my opinion and ask questions. However, with Convent, you are not completely isolated from the boys, since some classes are coed and boys tend to share the learning commons with us and this allows us to develop necessary social skills that a lot of single-sex schools overlook.

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
I am currently on the fence between politics/law and astrophysics, since my passion lies in both.