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Anneli | Grade 11
Anneli | Grade 11

Experiencing the balance of both coed and single-sex classes has had a really positive impact on me so far this year.

  • Subjects
    Math & Art
  • Activity 
  • Space
    Mother Williams Library

Favorite Subjects
My favorite subjects are probably Math (geometry) and Studio Art. I like math because there's always an answer, and I find working through multi-step and more complicated problems calming and satisfying when you get the answer. I enjoy art class because, again, it is calming and a time built into my schedule to relax and do something that I find interesting and fun. 

Favorite School Activity
My favorite school activity would be sports. I play tennis, soccer and lacrosse. Soccer is probably my favorite of the three because it is the sport I have the most experience with and feel a strong sense of community. I love how supportive the sports program is at Convent — I was able to feel comfortable with trying two new sports this year.

Favorite School Tradition
My favorite school tradition is probably Noëls. This is my tenth year attending Convent, and every year I can remember and reflect on my past years at Convent through listening to students sing songs that I once sang myself. The sense of community felt at Convent & Stuart Hall is emphasized a lot at Noëls because all four divisions are together singing songs and getting into the Christmas spirit.

Favorite Space on Campus
My favorite space on campus is probably the Mother Williams Library because it is not only a great resource to have handy but also a quiet place to work that has a beautiful view of the city. I love the large variety of places to sit in the library and also how big, open and welcoming of a space it is.  

Best Part of Your Day
I always look forward to art class because I find it really calming and a good class to end the school day with. In art, I can just draw or paint and not have to worry about all the other schoolwork I have to do. As I get older, I can never find time to sit and draw. Having an art class built into my schedule allows for me to do something that I am interested in and hope to continue throughout my years at Convent.

Favorite School Project
I am most proud of my English identity project, involving poetry from the first quarter. The focus of my poem was around stress and anxiety and how it affects me/how I work through it. At first, this topic was really hard to write about and articulate, but the final result was almost relieving because I was able to get something off my mind in a very honest and real way. 

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Coed Community
As a freshman, most of my classes were single-sex. In these classes I always felt less pressure and overall more confident and comfortable sharing my opinions. Experiencing the balance of both coed and single-sex classes has had a really positive impact on me so far this year.  

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
Looking for Alaska by John Green

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
Honestly, I am not sure about what field I can picture myself working in yet, but I see myself most likely pursuing something involving design and architecture as my current two favorite subjects and points of interest are art and math.