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2019 President's Report and Video Now Available Online
2019 President's Report and Video Now Available Online

Convent & Stuart Hall's 2019 President's Report and an accompanying video are now available online, offering community members and friends a review of the programs, initiatives and accomplishments that are shaping the school's future.

The new President's Report, available in print and online, provides a snapshot of Convent & Stuart Hall and highlights signature programs, as well as recent student and faculty achievements. This year's report includes a video accompaniment to offer a closer look at our progress toward the goals established in the school's strategic plan, Looking Ahead with 2020 Vision. 

The President's Report features a video accompaniment to bring to life the people behind the stories.

Highlights of this year's President's Report include the following topics:

Spirituality in Education
With Convent & Stuart Hall's approach to spiritual education as a model, school leaders are engaging with The Collaborative for Spirituality in Education to help develop a curriculum for schools that are interested in building the spiritual lives of their students. 

A Philosophy of Diversity and Inclusion
We have engaged in envisioning, drafting and testing a philosophy statement that acknowledges our commitment to maintaining a community in which each member finds the safety and support to have conversations that develop fluency in the language of identity and difference. 

A Culture of Conversation
Through our work with poet David Whyte, the school has established a Culture of Conversation, where faculty, staff and students engage in essential conversations and robustly vulnerable dialogue.   

Students as Producers
Our community focuses on providing students with opportunities to design, create and produce work on their own, a method of learning in which students exercise initiative in their studies. 

Athletics Highlights
Take a look back at some of the amazing athletic accomplishments from the past year, including record-setting performances and championships.

On the Frontier of Medicine
Dr. Mayumi Nakagawa '78 is a professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, who specializes in HPV and cancer research. A discovery in her lab has led to the design of a vaccine, currently in a Phase II clinical trial, for treating patients with cervical precancer.

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