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Linnea | Grade 5

I like drama because you can be someone or something else and express the characters’ feelings.

  • Subjects
    Art & Humanities
  • Activity 
  • Space
    My Classroom

Favorite Subjects
My favorite subjects are Art and Humanities. I like art because I can be creative with anything. I like humanities because I can learn about the past and the experiences people went through. I also like humanities because our teachers give us fun projects, and we can learn at the same time.

Favorite School Activity
My favorite school activity is drama. I like drama because you can be someone or something else and express the characters’ feelings.

Favorite School Tradition
My favorite tradition is Congé! I like Congé because it is just a whole day of fun. You eat candy, popcorn and cotton candy, and you can even play in jumpy houses! The best part is that there is no homework or school work.

Favorite Space on Campus
My favorite space is my classroom. I like my classroom because my friends are there. Also, it’s cozy and there are lots of spaces to just chill.

Best Part of Your Day
The best part of my day is recess. I like recess because I can hang out with my friends and eat!

Favorite School Project
The school project that I am most proud of is our city project in math. I liked this project because we could be creative by making buildings, naming the buildings and naming our city. And we learned a lot during the project, too!

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Coed Community
I like going to a single-sex school because it is nice to be around girls.

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
Pax by Sara Pennypacker

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
When I’m older I want to be an actor.

How You Felt Supported This Past Year
My teachers were very calm in this unusual year. One of our teachers, Ms. Corrigan, told us to be flexible, which helped. Our teachers tried to make the best out of this year.

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