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Claire | Grade 8

I love learning and getting an in-depth understanding of life and how it is sustained through biological processes.

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    The Highlands

Favorite Subject
My favorite subject is Biology. I love learning and getting an in-depth understanding of life and how it is sustained through biological processes. I have gotten to understand more about the way we think and act, at a cellular, molecular and atomic level.

Favorite School Activity
My favorite school activities are sports. Sports allow us to grow and participate in Goal 4. Goal 4 is an instinct for building community, and I believe that with teamwork in sports, we are able to build a stronger community within our school. We get to work together, build friendships and community, grow as players and people, and have fun while doing so!

Favorite School Tradition
My favorite school tradition is Congé. Congé is a day off of academics where students get to have fun with friends, relax and celebrate after a year of hard work. I love the anticipation leading up to it, and I look forward to planning it as an eighth grader!

Favorite Space on Campus
This past year we have been using more outdoor spaces and areas. Because of this, I have gotten to love many areas around campus. My favorite space on campus is Highlands, which is on top of Hammond House. Highlands is my favorite space because it holds my favorite memories, from four square games to deep conversations with friends. I love relaxing on the basketball court and looking out at the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Best Part of Your Day
The best part of my day is either in Social Studies or English when our class would have deep and meaningful discussions and debates. I love that we drive these conversations while teachers facilitate and provide some structure. This is nice because we are able to bring up different topics that we feel passionate about. At school we are able to have these discussions and possibly disagree, but still be friends at the end of the day.

Favorite School Project
I am most proud of a poem that I wrote in English class. It was a response to the book American Born Chinese, and I was able to capture my feelings regarding discrimination and relate it to experiences that I have witnessed. I am so glad that we have conversations about issues in our world such as discrimination, and I love that we are bringing awareness to these topics in class.

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Coed Community
I have benefited from going to a single-sex and coed school in so many ways, but one of the most impactful reasons is that the invisible barrier between the two genders has vanished, allowing me to speak freely. Before, I went to a coed school and didn't have the confidence to speak up, but the teachers at Convent & Stuart Hall helped me to develop that confidence.

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
In the future I would love to pursue a career in the medical/computer science field. This is because I believe that the role of technology in our world is developing at such a rapid pace. A few weeks ago I watched a documentary about how robots are doing surgery on people, improving their lives. I was fascinated and inspired by how technology could have such an impactful change, and I want to help improve that technology so that it can change even more lives.

How You Felt Supported This Past Year
This year has been a very difficult year to adapt to because of what is happening around our world. Teachers have helped me so much this past year by being flexible, easy to talk to and giving individualized attention when I need help. The school has been very good at recognizing what had to be taken away for safety reasons regarding coronavirus, and providing safe and accessible resources that we could use.

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