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Making Art Out of Old Books

Tenth graders found a second life for discarded books by transforming them into works for art.

The health of any library collection depends, in part, on the careful removal of old books to make room for new titles. When Convent & Stuart Hall librarians recently weeded out a handful of publications that had outlived their relevance, high school art teacher Julie Martin was eager to find a way to repurpose them.

Inspired by conceptual artist Ines Seidel, best known for transforming unwanted books and other paper objects, Julie prompted her tenth grade students to choose a memory to destroy or reclaim through the artistic alteration of a book.

“In learning about storytelling, each student worked through the development of their concept and translated it into a visual narrative,” Julie says. “I thought they responded successfully to the technical and conceptual challenges presented within this project.”

The altered books are currently on display for all to enjoy in the Carroll Learning Commons on the Pine-Octavia campus, and photos of each project are posted below.

High School Art: Sewing New Stories Through Old Books
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