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Alumni Spotlight: Eric Bravo ’08

Alumni Spotlight: Eric Bravo ’08

San Francisco-based animation writer, author, photographer and musician, Eric Bravo ’08, speaks on his career path, recent achievements and memories from Stuart Hall.

Photo provided by Eric Bravo ’08

Eric Bravo ’08,  is a San Francisco-based Nickelodeon-produced creator and animation writer, author, photographer, travel blogger and a Billboard-charting musician who performs under the stage name RAVO

How did your experience at Convent & Stuart Hall impact your path toward becoming an artist and musician?
High school played a role in shaping my taste in music. Sharing new artists and songs during lunch and cross country road trips allowed me to discover songs I liked and disliked, cultivating a style I wanted to emulate and developing a genuine love for music.

What was your path after Stuart Hall?
I went to UC Santa Cruz and later transferred to UC Davis to pursue a Managerial Economics degree. During this time, I interned at Warner Bros. Records, Nickelodeon and DreamWorks, which inspired my book, How to Get an Animation Internship. Post-graduation, I worked on Google’s Self-Driving Car project while simultaneously creating a cartoon short with Nickelodeon. Currently, I work as a Script Coordinator at Marvel and spend my free time writing scripts.

Creatively, I also ventured into travel photography and started my music career. In 2020, my album Need to Know debuted on the Billboard charts, and in 2022, I released a total of 52 songs, collaborating with artists like Raekwon from Wu-Tang, Mistah F.A.B. and Keak da Sneak. All of my projects are housed under my company, Bravo Bros. Studios.

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
Making my own cartoon with Nickelodeon and contributing to Google's Self-Driving Car project are definitely up there. But also having my debut album land on the Billboard charts right between Ariana Grande and Post Malone is something I never thought would happen.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?
I hope to become a full-time staff writer with the ultimate goal of creating my own TV show. I also want to venture into film and sell a screenplay.

What are some recent projects you have been working on?
I wrote five TV pilots last year and am currently working on another. Additionally, I am developing a Sherlock Holmes children's book and planning the release of the second edition of my book, How to Get an Animation Internship.

What’s your fondest memory of Stuart Hall High School?
Earning a cross country medal during my junior year. I had never run before joining, and my cardio was horrible for the first two years. I trained hard during the off-season, and having something to show for it meant a lot to me. I'm happy to say I am still an avid runner!

What advice would you give to any students looking to follow in your footsteps?
For students looking to follow a similar path, my advice is to pursue what genuinely makes you happy. Don't let others dictate what you can or cannot achieve. Everyone starts somewhere, and if you have a true passion for something, even if it’s in multiple fields, your dedication and love for it will drive you far in your journey.