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A Congé 2024 To Remember

A Congé 2024 To Remember

In a whirlwind of excitement, students enjoyed this year’s Congé, a cherished Sacred Heart tradition that brings a day of community fun and festivities.

For more than 200 years, Schools of the Sacred Heart around the world have celebrated a surprise day known as “Congé,” where students in every grade get an exciting break from the normal school day to have fun as a community. The student executive council and faculty plan the event in secret, and the announcement is made to the students the morning of, hence its name, which means “permission to depart.”

It is one of the most beloved and anticipated traditions of the year, and students begin eagerly awaiting its approach as soon as springtime arrives. And as usual, this year’s Congé didn’t disappoint. On Friday, April 19, the surprise was unveiled as elementary students were greeted at drop-off with balloons, posters, and cheering. Their day of excitement continued with the arrival of cotton candy machines, face painters, bouncy houses, and boisterous games in the gym. Our high schoolers were whisked away from the Pine-Octavia campus to the beautiful Civil War Memorial Parade Ground in the Presidio. Upon arrival, they were greeted by two professional face painters, a fortune teller, a princess, and a hula hoop station. Students also explored the Tunnel Tops and took turns bowling and eating lunch at the nearby Presidio Bowl.

Even our San Francisco weather cooperated for Congé 2024! For a glimpse into this year’s Congé activities, you can view the photo album here.

Photo of Stuart Hall High School students playing Spikeball during Congé at the Civil War Memorial Parade Ground in the Presidio.