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What Are Students Saying About Arshay Cooper's Visit?

What Are Students Saying About Arshay Cooper's Visit?

Video: Two high school students sat down to share their perspective on A Most Beautiful Thing and how they've engaged in class conversations about the film and its protagonist.

As part of a celebration of Black History Month, Convent & Stuart Hall welcomed Arshay Cooper, the author and protagonist of A Most Beautiful Thing, and Mary Mazzio, the film's award-winning director, for separate virtual discussions with students in Grades 7–12 and the adult community. 

The film and talk for students served as a foundation for small group dialogue sessions on topics ranging from privilege, implicit bias and how racism creates systemic inequities in this country, to the lasting impact of intergenerational trauma and the power of sport to heal and bring lasting change.

What were some of the student perspectives that rose to the surface? We talked to senior D'angelo Flores and sophomore Emma Chongo to find out. The short video posted below includes clips of Mr. Cooper's powerful and inspiring message to our community.

Note: The video clips of Mr. Cooper are taken from his evening talk with parents, alumni, faculty and staff, and are published with permission from 50 Eggs.