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Whale Project Inspires Young Ocean Stewards

Working in pairs, Convent second graders were challenged to research a whale species and create a model of it using recycled materials. An immersive ocean scene installation in the Unkefer Spark Studio, complete with disco lights and music, served as an all-encompassing showcase. A video follows the project from start to finish.

To explore the world of whales and develop an appreciation for the giant mammals, Convent second graders constructed large-scale models with recycled materials found around campus. They then transformed the Unkefer Spark Studio into an underwater sanctuary with whales suspended from the ceiling as disco lights flashed and John Denver's "Calypso" song played in the background. A short video, featuring second grade teachers Diane Holland and Betsy Tamayo, follows the project from start to finish and explores how it inspired students to become stewards of the oceans.

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