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Time to Dance: Parents Enjoy First Live Performances in a Long Time

See what the first in-person performances in Syufy Theatre since the pandemic hit looked like.

In late May, second and third grade boys and girls took the stage in front of live audiences for two dance performances, each marking the culmination of weeklong dance intensives with Susan Thomasson, an accomplished dancer, choreographer and teaching artist with Lincoln Center Education in New York City. They were the first live shows inside Syufy Theatre in more than 15 months.

Made possible by the Hudson Gibson Endowed Fund to support the Beaux Arts Artist-in-Residence Program at Stuart Hall for Boys and a related endowed fund at Convent Elementary, a dance workshop with Ms. Thomasson has become a hallmark of the second grade experience. After missing their opportunity to take part last spring, third graders were invited to participate in the dance intensive this year.

The third grade production tells the story of the Greek goddess Persephone, while second graders explored the water cycle. The dances are original works choreographed by Ms. Thomasson, with inspiration and collaboration from the students, and inspired by themes from the curriculum. You can watch full-length recordings of both performances below.

Grade 3 Performance, May 21, 2021

Grade 2 Performance, May 28, 2021

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