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Dear Sister Mardel,
Happy Birthday! Thank you for all your love and leadership, which we see every day at our school.
Avery, Ryker, Krista & Oliver F.

The SHB first grade boys and their teachers wish you a WONDERFUL 100th birthday!
Thank you for all you have done for Broadway!
- Mary W.

We are blessed to celebrate the beautiful gift of you in our lives Be!
You guided my mothers formation at Broadway in the 50's, you welcomed me to grammar school at Broadway in the 60's and have been sage counsel to our three Children, Douglas, Katie, and Andrew at Sacred Heart Prep. Your strong example of a loving child of God, fully engaged citizen of the world, warm and true friend has provided guidance to us all. May a God continue to bless you, Be.
We pray in gratitude for the gift of you in our lives!
With love, Laura, Doug, Douglas, Katie and Andrew H.

Dear Mother Mardel:
Your love and teachings have been an inspiration to me. My years at Broadway will never be forgotten thanks to you and all my teachers. 
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Love,
Brenda B.

Dear Be -
It has been many years since we last spoke but I clearly remember the day we met. I want you to know that it was my privilege to be able to work with you so closely as your last secretary when you served as Director of Schools.
As your big day approaches I fondly remember when we had lunch in Larkspur to celebrate our March birthdays and to see all the Magnolia trees in full bloom. I will cherish the memory and I will always be grateful to you for your kindness to our family. I cannot wait to see you.
With love, Monica Q.

My family and I wish you a very happy and blessed 100th Birthday. Thank you for all that you have given to me, to us and to the Sacred Heart community.
- Tara B.

Dear Sr. Mardel,
You are a person in the humble mode of St. Philippine Duchesne. You gave all you had for the school and the students. Treasured years. Happy 100 birthday!
- Joanne O.

For many years, Mother Mardel has been an inspiration to our family. There are so many wonderful memories shared with our parents. You are an example for all of us. You are blessed to have your health in mind, body and spirit.
- Dianne C.

Caroline, Reiko, and I send our very best wishes for a Happy Birthday. In particular, I remember how you welcomed this military kid to the Broadway family. You have had a lasting effect on who I am today.

- Diane D.

The Conway Family has wonderful memories of Broadway, the traditions will forever be in our hearts. As I looked at each video memory, I had a huge smile on my face thinking WOW, what a special place Broadway was for all of us and are so blessed with the foundations for life we all received. As a side note, I do have one of the lambs, each year as I put it by my manger, it brings back those special memories.

Happy 100th Birthday Mother, I wish you the best in the coming year and thank you for everything you have done for the Conway Family!

Some of my happiest memories are of the four years spent at Broadway, and you, "Mother Mardel", were and are a part of them. As someone approaching 85, I thank God every day for my health, my mind, my family and my memories!
God Bless and Keep you.
Happy 100th Birthday! Colette

Dear Mother Mardel,
Even after all these years, I cannot get used to calling you anything else. I returned [to Convent] a few decades later with my children and it was wonderful to see you and Mother Hoffman still in full swing. God loves you and has kept you here with us for 100 years - wow! You have made such good use of this time! Wishing you happiness and joy on your 100th birthday.
Love from Megan M. CES'66

Happy Birthday Dear Mary,
I have always had such a deep respect for you and all that you have contributed to our school. I love you dearly my friend, I am honored to know you. Thank you for your gift of being, the world is a better place with you here...
In deep respect as always,
Bliss K.

Dear Be,
Bon anniversaire de cents ans! On vous souhait le bonheur, un sourire et de nombreuses benedictions dans votre vie. Marie Rose treasures you like her sister and Claire and Anne-Marie as Mother.
All our love, Marie Rose Brullard Bengle and Anne-Marie and Claire

Hello Be!
Congratulations on your birthday. I am so sorry I am unable to attend your celebration on March 3rd, but Mary(Jay) B. will be there to represent us all.
All my love, Sheila B. xx

Dear Sr. Mardel,
Your bright smile and strong spirit have always been an inspiration to all of us. I was honored to have received an award named in honor of you for travel associated with our Tolerance Unit here at SHB. Although it was a difficult trip emotionally as my husband had just died that year and we were visiting concentration camps, knowing your strength and generosity of spirit, I was helped to go through the experience with hope for the future.
Happy Birthday and best wishes for a good year. xo
Ann G.

Dear Be,
Thank you for enriching so many people's lives. My Dad thought the world of you, as do I.
God Bless You,
All my love,
Joan I.

Sr. Mardel first welcomed me to Sacred Heart as a student in the third grade. She was kind, fun, pretty, and very attentive to we "minimums." She was a great teacher and I especially loved how she taught the art of printing. 77 years later, I have not forgotten her.
Florence S.

It has been such a lovely honor for me to know you in my west coast sojourn! Although I attended four other Sacred Heart schools, I didn't come to this coast until I was far beyond school age. Thank you so much for introducing me to the Sacred Heart Associates; I so value my continuing Sacred Heart experience thus!!
Dearest love, Margy S.

You are an inspiration to all of us. Wishing you good health for your birthday. God bless you. And, may God bless us through you.
Jeanne A.

Happy Birthday!
Your energy, patience and enthusiasm provide our family such a graceful support.
All the best from the Walther family.

Dear Mary Mardel,
A thousand thanks to you for your love, intelligence and for being a sterling example of how to live a true life.
Helen O.

Dear, dear Be,
You make Jesus proud with your talent for hospitality like Mary and Martha. I certainly have been warmed and loved with your grace. Thank you, dear Lady. 
Your spirit is amazing that it burns so brightly and doesn't seem to dim with the years. Thank you for helping me reunite with my Sacred Heart roots and traditions that have permeated our family for decades. Not many can reach the 100th peak and say, Merci Beaucoup, Cœur de Jésus pour ma vocation.
Your loving child of the sacred heart,
Brooke B., Napa, CA

Happy birthday and many more. Thanks for all that you've done for education and the Sacred Heart community. - Hoover C.

Dear Be,
We first met in 1964 when I attended first grade at El Cajon. The following year I transferred to Broadway, and low and behold you transferred too! Thank you for all the years of love and encouragement. Happiest of Birthdays!
Your loving child, Rita O.

Happy Birthday, Mother Mardel!
You embody everything good about Convent: your warm smile, your thoughtful comments, and your gentle magnetism that attracted all of us to achieve and give of ourselves.
Thank you! Shelley D. '82

Dearest Be, This gift is given with great love and gratitude for the 14 years I was fortunate enough to spend at Convent, and during many of which you were a guiding force in my life. Blessings! Nancy K. '55'51
Dear Sr. Mardel, Happy Birthday! Love, Lynn G. '52'48 & Brian G.
There are not enough words to convey to you adequately the many gifts you have bestowed to our family and generations of Sacred Heart students. Trés Bien!! Love, The Scullion Family Lorraine '76'72 Colleen CSH'12 Kendall CSH'12
Thank you for such wonderful memories! Barbara H. CSH'45
You are an inspiration Sr. Mardel! Thank you for being so gracious, caring and loving to all of us children of the Sacred Heart! Love The Barrios kids: Bill, Jim & Patricia '83'79
With cherished memories and loving gratitude for your constant presence, inspiring guidance and uplifting prayers, dearest Mother Mardel. Bon anniversaire et beaucoup d'amour chère Mère! Your loving child, Michelle O. '64'60
Happy Birthday Be. You remain always in my prayers and thoughts. With love, Mary S. '58'54
Happy Birthday! Thank you for all your years of service to my mom Ann E., my sisters, me and my daughter Jacqueline at Atherton now. You are an amazing woman and we thank you! Francesca L. CES'84
Dearest Mother mardel, Your influence and that of all the RSCJ has never stopped! Upon it, we have built our lives. Much love & gratitude, Marilyn B. CSH'63
Happy Birthday, Sister. God bless! Fondly, Shirley R. CSH'53
Well deserved tribute to you Sister Mardel! Best to you always, Bea N. CSH'72
With blessings and gratitude ~ your loving child, Madalyn F. CSH'64
I as well, have cherished memories, not only of the chapel but most of all, of you. I wish you the happiest of birthdays!! Fondly, Jeanne O. '54'50
Thank you for a truly wonderful education and the gift of you. Sincerely, Mary P. CSH'55
Dear Sr. Mardel, Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself as an RSCJ. We have all been touched by your wisdom & generosity. Sincerely, Barbara R. '68'64
My gratitude for your loving guidance and patience so many years ago. Your Loving Student, Ruth D. CSH`47
Congratulations! A well deserved honor. A former student at Broadway, Margaret W. '49'45
Happy Birthday to you, Be! May you continue to have good health, happiness, and the strength to affect the lives of so many with your love and faith! Love, Joan O. '59'55
You will always have a very special place in my heart and memories. My love to you, Mary M. '70'66
What fond memories in the 1940's. Remember Little Women? I was Meg. I think your mother made my dress. You have been a guiding light for so many - God Bless Jane T. '48'44
Dear Sister Mardel, Wishing you a blessed birthday! Thank you for your contribution to my life's path. With much fondness, Roz M. '61'57
Dear Sister Mardel, You have been a part of my life since I was in eighth grade at Convent Elementary. Much happiness and health on your birthday! Your loving child, Sue T. '64'60
Dear Be - Thank you for being an ongoing inspiration to the Chipp family . Happy Birthday! Love! John and Colleen O. We have fond memories of the Chapel. My 8 sisters-in-law (same family) are CSH graduates.
Dear Mother Mardel, What a beautiful tribute this is to a very special lady. "Your" chapel is very dear to my heart - many happy, wonderful memories! My love & best wishes, Alberta O. CES'50
Be, Wishing you a wonderful birthday, and looking forward to seeing you at another reunion. Jean B. CSH'62
A huge thank you to a person who has been in my life for almost 60 years May God bless you, Dominique M. '62'58
You were my favorite English teacher. Sheila G. '56'52
Love and Aloha - Patti R. '58'54
Dear "Mother", With love and gratitude. Madeleine O. '46'42
God bless you, Sister Mardel, on your birthday. You gave me many happy memories. Love and blessing, Gael D. CSH'51
Dear "Mother Mardel," A small token for all the years of patience and dedication. Congratulations on your birthday and to the preservation of the Mary Mardel Chapel. Best wishes from a former and grateful student, Carol C. CES'56