Endowment Program

With a strong endowment, Convent & Stuart Hall is able to invest significantly in the people, programs and place that inform a Sacred Heart education. Endowed funds create possibilities today and provide a revenue source to the school in perpetuity. These gifts activate new curricular programming, contribute to the financial aid and professional development budgets, and honor people from the community who have had a profound impact.

Because the endowment improves the educational experience of students today and tomorrow, our gratitude is endless for the donors who contribute to these funds and generously initiate new ones.

Endowment Fund Descriptions

General Endowment

Chandrashekhar L. Pradhan Endowed Fund for Science

Image of science beakers holding various colored liquid.

This fund will help finance projects and programs that support authentic scientific inquiry into real world applications.

Established: 2019


2020 Board of Trustees Endowed Fund

Photo of a teacher with two students working on a project.

This fund was established and funded by the Board of Trustees overseeing and executing the Looking Ahead with 2020 Vision Strategic Plan. Earnings may be directed toward ongoing expenses such as financial aid and general support of faculty and staff with regards to salaries and awards for exceptional work.

Established: 2019

Endowed Fund for Computer Science

Photo of Doug Grant with two students smiling.

In 2018 an endowed fund was created to honor the Computer Science program and its integration with the humanities. The gift to establish the fund was made to honor long-time Convent & Stuart Hall faculty member Doug Grant.

Established: 2017

Elvera Fusco Endowment Fund

Photo of Elvera Fusco in Mary Mardel, RSCJ Chapel

Elvera Fusco Endowment Fund provides continuing support for faculty salaries and benefits. To recognize Ellie's lifetime commitment to education and excellence in teaching, the Fund also established three new annual employee awards named for Elvera (Ellie), her sister Mildred (Millie) and her brother Lorenzo (Larry).

Established: 2015

Sr. Ann Conroy Award

Photo of Sr. Ann Conroy with President Krejcarek

Sister Ann Conroy Award for Faculty Excellence named in honor of the Religious of the Sacred Heart who served as Director of Schools (1984-1994) and is given to a high school faculty or Central Services member working to achieve excellence in everything they do.

Established: 2013

Continuing Faculty Excellence

Photo of teacher in front of classroom of boys

Continuing Faculty Excellence Endowment Fund honors and acknowledges the dedication of Convent & Stuart Hall faculty.

Established: 2008

Niehaus Family President’s Award

Photo of employees in the Mary Mardel, RSCJ Chapel.

The Niehaus Family President’s Excellence Award is given annually to an employee at Schools of the Sacred Heart who shows exemplary excellence in educating our students and community, as chosen by the President of Schools.

Established: 2013

Donor Designated Fund

Photo of Convent Elementary student in a classroom

Donor Designated General Endowment

Established: 2008

Rosemary Cozzo Endowment Fund


Earned income from the The Rosemary Cozzo Fund provides general support for the school as well as contributing to the “Launch Grants” awarded annually to students to research compelling new business ideas and help bring them to market.

Established: 2014

Salary Endowment Fund

Salary Endowment Fund was created by the Board of Trustees, who are committed to maintaining faculty and staff salaries in the top quartile of Bay Area benchmark schools.

Established: 1989

General Endowment Fund

General Endowment Fund was established by the Board of Trustees to ensure quality education at Schools of the Sacred Heart. This fund grows through gifts from supporters, through various special events, and through honorary and memorial gifts.

Established: 1969

Hearst Fund for Financial Aid

Hearst Endowment Fund for Financial Aid was funded through “seed” grants from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. This important fund serves as the foundation for our financial aid program.

Established: 1983

Christian de Guigne Fund

Christian de Guigne Memorial Fund transferred from San Francisco College for Women at Lone Mountain when the college closed in 1980. This fund provides support for religious studies in all schools.

Established: 1980

Board Designated Salary Endowment

Board Designated Salary Endowment

Gordon Family Head’s Fund

Photo of the Jaime Dominguez, Head of Stuart Hall for Boys.

Gordon Family Head’s Fund is for the discretionary use of Stuart Hall for Boys’ Head of School for special projects that are un-budgeted during the course of the year.

Established: 1999

Sr. Ellen Hoffman Endowment Fund

Photo of Sr. Ellen Hoffman

Sr. Ellen Hoffman Endowment Fund provides for the continued purchase of library materials to serve both elementary schools.

Established: 1967

Syufy Family Endowment Fund

Syufy Family Endowment Fund was established by Marcia Syufy, grandparent, past parent and former trustee, to provide broad support and develop the endowment.

Established: 2008

Esther Rossi Award

Esther Rossi Award is given annually to an employee who is elected by his or her peers as an outstanding member of the community.

Established: 1989

Stuart Hall HS Founding Class Fund

Stuart Hall High School Founding Class Scholarship Fund was established in honor of the first high school class with the expectation that each graduating class would contribute to the fund.

Established: 2004

Bill Auchincloss Memorial Award

William Stuart Auchincloss Memorial Award is given annually in memory of Bill Auchincloss SHB’75. The award is presented to the 8th grade boy who best combines joy and responsibility with a zest for life.

Established: 1991

Mother Williams Library Fund

Mother Louise Williams Library Fund provides continuing support for Convent High School’s library through the acquisition of books and audiovisual equipment, as well as through developing our Archive and Technology Resource Programs.

Established: 1979

Professional Development

Mary Lee Casey Fund

Photo of teacher smiling in a classroom.

Mary Lee Casey Fund for Innovative Education provides opportunities for Convent & Stuart Hall teachers to attend course-related seminars and workshops.

Established: 1975

Edward E. Ford Fund

Teacher in a science class room with students doing an experiment

Edward E. Ford Professional Development Fund allows Convent High School faculty to attend workshops, seminars and career conferences to further enhance their teaching.

Established: 1994

Mardel Fund for Elementary Faculty

Photo of Mary Mardel, RSCJ

Sister Mary Mardel Fund for the Advancement of Elementary Faculty Excellence provides income for elementary faculty to attend programs that will enhance their teaching.

Established: 1987

Elementary School Development

Photo of Convent Elementary students playing in the playground

Elementary School Professional Development provides continued education and support for the elementary faculty.

Established: 2009

Eugene and Alma Mahan Fund

Photo of a presentation to a group of staff in the Mother Williams Library

Eugene and Alma Mahan Fund for the Advancement of Convent High School Faculty Excellence enables faculty to attend educational programs, teacher workshops and special interest meetings.

Established: 1976

Mark Ross Fund

Photo of teacher with a high school student in a classroom

Mark Ross Professional Development Fund in memory of Mark Ross by Stuart Hall High School past parents Annag R. Chandler and Victor Vitlin provides continuing education for faculty.

Established: 2004


Sr. Ellen Hoffman Scholarship

Photo of Sr. Ellen Hoffman.

Sr. Ellen Hoffman Scholarship was established by an anonymous donor to honor the 60th Anniversary Jubilee of Sr. Hoffman’s Final Profession. It is awarded to a Convent Elementary School student in need of financial assistance.

Established: 2003

Miriam Gray & Ann Gray Miller Fund

Photo of Convent High School graduates

The Miriam Gray ‘29’25 and Ann Gray Miller ‘62’58 Scholarship was established by Russell Miller and awarded to a current student who is the daughter or granddaughter of a Convent High School alumna.

Established: 2000

Condon Endowment for HS Scholarships

Josephine D. Condon Endowment for High School Scholarships is given to young women who share a concern for others and who demonstrate their desire to become involved in the wider community.

Established: 1977

Sr. Helen Carroll Scholarship

Sr. Helen Carroll Scholarship for Stuart Hall was established in honor of the first Headmistress of Stuart Hall for Boys. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student who is chosen for his Christian leadership qualities.

Established: 1972

Reverend Mother Deming Grant

Broadway Alumnae Endowed Grant honoring Reverend Mother Deming provides scholarships for daughters and granddaughters of alumnae who wish to attend Convent High School. The scholarship is administered by the Broadway Alumnae of the Sacred Heart (BASH).

Established: 1982

Founders/Cowell Scholarship

Founders/Cowell Scholarship was established by the S.H. Cowell Foundation and is awarded annually to a young woman who achieves one of the top 10 places on the high school entrance examination and who is in need of financial assistance.

Established: 1978

Virginia Laib Conway ‘32 Scholarship

Virginia Laib Conway ‘32 Endowed Scholarship was established by the 12 Conway children who attended Convent & Stuart Hall. This fund benefits any academically qualified student in financial need.

Established: 1999

Summer School Scholars

Marcia and Richard Grand Endowed Summer School Scholarship assists families whose children attend summer school and are in need of financial assistance.

Established: 1995

Susan Chaban Memorial Scholarship

Susan Chaban Memorial Scholarship was established by the faculty and staff of Stuart Hall for Boys in memory of the former school secretary. The recipient demonstrates an open and welcoming attitude toward his classmates and adults and an enthusiastic spirit consistent with the philosophy of Schools of the Sacred Heart.

Established: 1987

Sophia Kent McNeil Scholarship

Sophia Kent McNeil Endowment Scholarship Fund is awarded to an artistically promising student.

Established: 1983

Sr. Mary Mardel Scholarship Fund

Sr. Mary Mardel Scholarship Fund was established by Sen. Dianne Feinstein’51 to honor Sr. Mary Mardel, her dedication and commitment to the students of Convent of the Sacred Heart. This scholarship benefits Sacred Heart high school students who attended the elementary school.

Established: 2010

Edith MacLeay Grant Scholarship

Edith MacLeay Grant Scholarship was established by Josephine Grant McCreery in memory of her mother and awarded to a student of Convent Elementary School. The former Grant home is now the location of the elementary school.

Established: 1973

Russell Miller Endowed Scholarship

Russell R. Miller Endowed Scholarship was established by Mr. Miller, Stuart Hall for Boys alumnus and former Dean of Students, for deserving Stuart Hall students.

Established: 2000

Olga Rossi & Aimee Rossi Scholarship

Sisters Olga 1911 & Aimee 1909 Rossi Scholarship was established by the Rossi Family to provide assistance to Convent High School students who exemplify Sacred Heart spirit.

Established: 1983

Celeste O’Donnell Scholarship

Celeste O’Donnell Endowed Scholarship was established by the Board of Trustees and awarded for academic merit to Convent Elementary School students in need of financial assistance to honor Ms. O’Donnell, former head of Convent Elementary.

Established: 1996

Olivia Scholarship

Oliva Scholarship was established by a parent of three Convent & Stuart Hall alumni with an expressed hope that the recipients, in the spirit of scholarship, will become future contributors to this fund and thereby help other fine students receive a Sacred Heart education.

Established: 1989

Gordon Sharafinski Scholarship

Gordon Sharafinski Scholarship was established in 2011 by an anonymous donor to honor the former Director of Schools and founding Head of Stuart Hall High School, who has educated young men in the Sacred Heart tradition inspiring leadership, scholarship and integrity. The funds provide the opportunity for a deserving student(s) to receive recognition for his accomplishments at Stuart Hall High School.

Established: 2011

Scholarship for Incoming Students

Ross Scholarship for Incoming Students was established by Gary Ross, a Sacred Heart New York parent, to assist families transitioning from public schools in the middle form to private school.

Established: 1997

Anne Wachter, RSCJ Scholarship

Photo of Anne Wachter, RSCJ with two Convent students.

Anne Wachter, RSCJ Scholarship was established by Michelle Growney Syufy’84 and Joseph Syufy SHB’79 to honor the former Head of Convent Elementary, who has been a pillar of support to members of our community in times of crises. The funds are designated for K-8 students at Convent for whom there is a financial need as the result of a particularly challenging family situation or extenuating circumstances.

Established: 2012

Thornton Scholarship

Thornton Scholarship was established in memory of Dr. Robert Thornton, a distinguished African-American college physics professor, valued friend and advisor to Schools of the Sacred Heart. This fund assists qualified minority students.

Established: 1982

Merrill Scholarship

Merrill Scholarship is awarded to minority students of the Roman Catholic faith.

Established: 1977

Elena Rossi Long ’42 Scholarship

Elena Rossi Long ’42 Scholarship was established to honor the Schools’ first Development Director.

Established: 1984

Mary Smith Scholarship Fund

Photo of Dr, Mary Smith at a dinner party smiling

Dr. Mary Magnano Smith Scholarship Fund was created by the Board of Trustees in honor of Dr. Smith, Director of Schools from 1994-2000. Dr. Smith and the Board founded Stuart Hall High School so that young men could enjoy the same excellent Sacred Heart secondary education that has been offered to young women since 1887.

Established: 2000

Leo Hogan Scholarship

Leo Hogan Scholarship was established by the Board of Trustees to honor the former Head of Convent High School.

Established: 1992


Hudson Gibson Fund

Photo of Convent Elementary students dancing with paper fans.

The Hudson Gibson Fund for the Artist-in-Residence Program brings gifted artists to Stuart Hall to work with second grade boys, culminating in theatrical performances for students’ peers and families.

Established: 2014

The Spaht Family Writing Fund

Student writing on paper with a pencil.

This writing fund supports initiatives to enhance the creative and expository writing program at Convent Elementary, and to sponsor an annual award for writing accomplishments.

Established: 2015


Mary Mardel RSCJ Chapel Fund

Photo of Mary Mardel RSCJ Chapel

In honor of the dedication of the chapel in the Flood Mansion being named for Mary Mardel, RSCJ, a fund was established to provide chapel upkeep and mission-inspired activities.

Established: 2014