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High School Athletics Team Overview

2021 Season Update:

The BCL-West has approved the following three-season model for 2021 athletic seasons.

  • Season 1 | February 8–March 19
    Cross-Country, Golf (boys and girls), Tennis (girls).
  • Season 2 | March 22–April 30 
    Track & Field, Baseball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse (boys and girls), Badminton, Volleyball (girls), Tennis (boys), Football (canceled).
  • Season 3 | May 3–June 4  
    Swimming, Soccer (boys and girls), Fencing, Basketball (boys and girls), Wrestling (TBD: Non-BAC), Beach Volleyball (TBD: Non-BAC).


In late January, the Governor’s Office and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released updated guidance for Outdoor and Indoor Youth and Recreational Adult Sports, which includes the following: "Athletes and coaches should cohort by team, and refrain from participating with more than one team/out of school activity over the same season or time period."

In following this new guidance, CIF has implemented this cohorting rule within its bylaws for all schools to follow. Convent & Stuart Hall students and coaches must only participate in one athletic cohort at a time. Students may not participate in school athletic cohorts at the same time as participating in any outside club programs (or out of school activity). Students can only partipate in one sport during each individual season and may not sign up for multiple teams (this includes strength and conditioning offerings during the same season of sport). If the CDPH guidance is amended in the future, CIF will revisit this issue.

In addition to the new cohorting rule, in order to participate on a school sports team, students must also:

Common Standards for All Sports

  1. Each student-athlete must present a negative COVID test weekly.
  2. Student-athletes must complete a daily health screening (this is done at the start of school).
    a. If student-athlete experiences symptoms after the daily health assessment, they must report it to the school nurse, Katie Coleman, and must remove themselves from participation. Student-athletes with COVID-19 symptoms must not attend practices or competition.
  3. Masking is mandatory 100 percent of the time for all student-athletes. Student-athletes must wear approved face coverings when participating in activities, both indoors and outdoors, and face coverings must be worn when not directly participating in the sport activity (e.g. on the sidelines).
  4. Student-athletes must be at least six feet apart while not in competition.
    a. No close physical contact is permitted before, during or after games (e.g. hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, high fives, etc.).
  5. Changing/locker rooms will not be provided. Student-athletes must arrive and leave suited for practice or games.
  6. Water is not provided by the school. Water bottles must not be shared.
  7. Any COVID-19 diagnosis must follow the guidelines from the school and Department of Public Health after appropriate quarantine/isolation. In addition, the student-athlete must also undergo a graduated return to play protocol supervised by the school trainer.
  8. Fans are not allowed at any athletic event at this time.

Scroll down to view sports by season, division and virtual athletic offerings.

Questions? Please contact:

Elena De Santis | Convent Athletics Director | (415) 292-3132

Charles Johnson | Stuart Hall Athletics Director | (415) 345-5821


Season 1 | February 8 –March 19

Convent High School

Stuart Hall High School

Season 2 | March 22–April 30

Convent High School

Stuart Hall High School

Season 3 | May 3–June 4  

Convent High School

Stuart Hall High School


InstaTeam App
InstaTeam App
  • Convent & Stuart Hall teams use the InstaTeam app to support scheduling and logistics. While we will communicate with team members and their parents/guardians directly, InstaTeam is another way to communicate and find important information. You can download InstaTeam on your smartphone through the app store or access it online.
  • After creating an account, choose the tab labeled + Join Team and enter the team code found above under your team tab. 
  • All summer practice and workout dates will be available on InstaTeam and in the team tabs on this page.