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Track & Field

Convent High Schools student competing in the long jump while team mates watch.
  • Start date: Monday, February 10, 2025
  • Levels offered: Varsity (all levels welcome)
  • Practice and Game Locations: Marina Green, Kezar and SFSU
  • Welcome Letter

High School Varsity Track & Field

Track & Field at Convent & Stuart Hall is one of several co-ed sports, meaning the men and women practice and compete together in the Bay Counties League-West. The size of the team varies, but is typically 60-70 strong, with a near-even split of men and women. The team fields athletes in 15 different events that are grouped into four broad categories: sprinting, distance running, throwing and jumping. Although the coaches have high standards for the team, this is a “no cut” sport that welcomes any athlete who is willing to work hard and strive for excellence. We practice at Convent & Stuart Hall and at two track facilities in the city (Kezar Stadium and Lincoln High School). The typical season involves roughly seven meets for non-Varsity athletes and as many as 10 or more for Varsity athletes.