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Wellness & Conditioning

Performance Lab

We understand that learning extends far beyond academic coursework. The best learning happens when students are healthy in mind, body and community. At Convent & Stuart Hall, students consistently focus on personal growth, developing their sense of self, empathy, balance and emotional fluency through various channels, including athletic teams and wellness classes.

Our multi-purpose Performance Lab complements the main gyms on both campuses and helps meet the recreation needs of our many teams and individuals. A full-time Strength & Conditioning Coach oversees conditioning, a wellness program and equipment maintenance.

Stuart Hall High School student lifting weights in the performance lab and Coach Barclay talking with students.

Meet Our Strength & Conditioning Coach

Barclay Spring , Athletics, Strength & Conditioning Coach talking to students in a classroom.
Barclay Spring

A fitness enthusiast from a young age, Barclay played numerous sports as a kid and used exercise to help maximize his potential. He got his start in the fitness industry as a teenager and quickly amassed a long list of accomplishments as an athlete and coach. After four years as the head strength and conditioning coach at a high school in Marin County, Barclay joined Convent & Stuart Hall in 2018. He immediately onboarded the school's new Performance Lab and established a school-wide strength and conditioning program that promotes healthy habits. Barclay is a biomechanics specialist and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Dance Program

For student-athletes looking to enhance their flexibility, agility, balance and spatial awareness, after-school dance classes taught by Roberto Parris, High School Wellness Counselor and Academic Coach, offer a multi-faceted approach to conditioning. By incorporating dance into their training regimen, student-athletes gain a competitive edge while developing self-confidence, resiliency and a deeper appreciation for movement and the arts.

Roberto Parris, Dance Instructor portrait.


UCSF Sports Medicine Partnership

Since 2011, Convent & Stuart Hall has had a partnership with the UCSF PlaySafe Sports Medicine Program, whose mission is to “provide a safe and positive environment for athletic pursuits, to facilitate access to the highest quality sports medicine care, and to encourage physical and mental growth by empowering student-athletes to lead balanced, physically active lifestyles.”

Convent & Stuart Hall high school student-athletes have access to two UCSF athletic trainers throughout the school year. They work closely with our teams and student-athletes to optimize health and safety through education, injury prevention, and treatment during practices and athletic competitions.

Meet Our 2023–24 Athletic Trainers

Cam Lu, Athletic Trainer's portrait.
Cam Lu

Cam joined Convent & Stuart Hall in 2021 after managing athletic training services for club sports programs at the University of California, Berkeley. She covered 35 teams, primarily caring for ice hockey, men’s lacrosse, women’s rugby and the triathlon team. Cam has also worked at all levels of lacrosse, from youth to professional. She earned her Master of Public Health in Health Policy & Management from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from the San Diego State University.

 Lexsy Stroh, Athletic Trainer portrait.
Lexsy Stroh

Lexsy joined UCSF in the summer of 2022 after earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northern Arizona University. In 2020 Lexsy began graduate school at NAU, serving the soccer, football, swim/dive and volleyball programs. She spent her final year of grad school at Portland State University supporting football and softball. Beyond college athletics, Lexsy worked with various sports teams — and athletes of all ages — for eight years before joining the UCSF sports medicine team.

Convent and Stuart Hall athletics trainers smiling at the camera on a football field.
Photo by Garrett Hoffman, Gr. 10

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    Athletic Trainer helping a Convent High School student stretch on a soccer field.