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Convent & Stuart Hall's athletic program encourages students to work together and develop their skills while having fun. Sportsmanship and collaboration are taught and modeled by experienced coaches who aim to help individuals and teams reach their performance goals.

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Roberto Parris leading a fitness studio dance class for convent high school students.

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Stuart Hall High School student lifting a heavy weight in the performance lab.

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Our Philosophy

Our mission as an Athletic Department is to help students identify and embody the values learned through athletic participation and physical education and to develop the ability to apply them to all aspects of their lives.

1. Essential Life Lessons – Athletic participation and physical education can impact individuals, not just through competition but through understanding the underlying values that sports have to offer. As the Convent & Stuart Hall Athletic and Physical Education Department, we have the great opportunity to shape the lives of the students we work with daily.

2. Character Development – The lessons learned through athletic participation and physical education have the ability to teach skills and values that go far beyond just a game. This department’s goal is to assist students in character development by teaching the importance of humility, accountability, teamwork, work ethic, fair play and commitment.

3. Leadership – We aim to help students develop lifelong leadership skills, build respect and awareness for themselves and others, and overcome adversity.

4. Equity and Inclusion – We are committed to teaching values that cultivate a culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusivity.



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