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Saturday, April 27 from 10 a.m.1 p.m. at 2222 Broadway

This interactive community art celebration will feature a variety of art-making activities led by our talented faculty and visitng artist Caleb Duarte. Join us for art and theater workshops, face painting, games and performances, all accompanied by warm beverages and healthy treats! 
This year's Festival will serve as the  K–4 Spring Art Reception.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us!


CALEB DUARTE "KALEB" is best known for creating temporary installations using construction-type frameworks such as beds of dirt, cement and objects representing basic shelter. His installations often become performance sites for community collaborations consisting of the figure temporarily placed within sculptural settings. Mr. Duarte’s work is produced through engaging with active social and cultural resistance sites.

HEART OF ART PROJECT Moving Monuments with Student Artist Apprentices

SHENITA ALLEN is an Oakland-based artist and educator currently teaching sixth and eighth grade visual art. She is passionate about using art as a means of self-exploration and self-expression. As an educator, Shenita encourages her students to find their unique voice in creating works of art that respond to their personal experiences with the world around them.

HEART OF ART PROJECT Sound Suit Performance & Mask Decorating

BRIANA BAJAR, current Art Education Associate for grades 6 and 8 and Grade 3 Associate Teacher, holds a degree in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo. She has brought her passion for STEAM into the classroom, emphasizing the importance of iteration in the design process and the power of “yet.” 

HEART OF ART PROJECT Printmaking Leaving Marks, Making Patterns

ALEX BARGAS is a Bay Area artist currently teaching visual art to students in Grades 5 and 7. Art has been a significant part of Alex’s life for as long as he can remember. One of the most impactful lessons art has taught him is that “mistakes” are imperative to the process of creating anything and everything in life. Alex hopes to pass on that knowledge and his absolute love for the arts to his students.

HEART OF ART PROJECT Stencil Madness & Magic: Create unique wall art pieces by using everyday objects as stencils with spray paint, creating a striking geometric pattern in just 10 minutes. Let your creativity flow as you experiment with different objects like kitchen utensils or leaves to add intriguing textures and designs to your creation.

MARGARET HEE, Theater Program Director, is a theater educator, director and actress. She oversees the after school theater program, directs the productions, teaches 4th grade Visual and Performing Arts and High School Drama. Theater is a transformative practice that helps individuals explore and discover their identities. Through education, Margaret hopes to offer students tools to navigate all areas of their lives while staying true to who they are.

HEART OF ART PROJECT Improv & Action! Connecting through theater. Participants will be guided through a handful of theater activities to find connection amongst one another.

LUCIUS JOHNSON is a Visual and Performance Artist currently teaching Grades K3. As an Alumnus of both Stuart Hall for Boys and Stuart Hall High School, he is thrilled to be giving back to the Sacred Heart community. Lucius is focused on building artistic literacy in our youngest students so that their art can be authentic, refined and explorative. He also enjoys the creative discoveries made when thoughtful preparation meets a big mess.

HEART OF ART PROJECT Finger Painting Frenzy!

JULIE MARTIN is an artist, jeweler and art educator. Her passion for art exists within using creativity as a means for healing and communication, and she finds that through art, she can achieve a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her. As a teaching artist, she strives to encourage and guide students to access this deeper understanding within themselves. Julie currently teaches Art Foundations I, Art Foundations II and IB Visual Art.

HEART OF ART PROJECT Face Painting: High School students will host a face painting station ready to embellish the arms and cheeks of willing participants. The designs have been created in advance of the event, inspired by this year's Heart of Art theme "Spring, N-E-S-W."

ROBERTO PARRIS is a dedicated high school wellness counselor and the director of the Convent & Stuart Hall after-school dance program. With over a decade of experience in the art of dance, Roberto has explored various styles including jazz, hip-hop, modern, ballet and salsa. His passion for movement and its profound impact on well-being has been the driving force behind his journey as a dancer and counselor. Throughout his career, Roberto has seamlessly blended his expertise in dance with his knowledge of mental and emotional wellness. Recognizing the transformative power of movement, he is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where students can explore the joy of dance while nurturing their overall health. With his contagious enthusiasm and extensive experience, Roberto is poised to inspire and uplift the Convent & Stuart Hall community through the universal language of dance.

HEART OF ART PROJECT Two Solo Dance Performances: This year marks the debut of the Convent & Stuart Hall dance team, a platform that has unearthed a wealth of creative young talents. These budding artists have fearlessly embraced the challenge, stepping up to the plate to choreograph their solo pieces under the guidance of our esteemed movement teacher, Ms. Shaver.


The Heart of Art Festival began in 2020 as a reimagining of what was formerly Art From the Heart. Instead of creating artwork in classes and selling it to parents, we decided to invite a variety of professional artists to our campus to make large-scale public and collaborative art with our families. Students in Grades 712 are invited to volunteer as artist apprentices with our Visiting Artists, gaining valuable art skills while acting as role models to our youngest students. This event has galvanized the creative potential of our K12 community, serving as a cultural nexus for learning in and through the arts. 

In the past three years we’ve had between 100200 families join the festival. This year we will feature our talented teaching artist faculty and welcome back Caleb Duarte, lead artist of Welcome Home, an artwork made in collaboration with Mary "Be" Mardel, RSCJ.