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Beaux Arts: Performing Arts

At Convent & Stuart Hall, fostering creativity and fluency in the arts is an essential component of the curriculum. Beginning in kindergarten, students learn the fundamentals of musical instruments and voice. Starting in fifth grade, the school offers an elective instrumental coed music program, providing comprehensive instruction in wind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments. Student musicians learn to read music, employ music terminology, comprehend theory and play diverse styles from classical to world music. Students in both vocal and instrumental music perform regularly throughout the school year.

At the high school, we offer a coed Instrumental Combo class to all student musicians. The criteria for this class is the ability to read music and play an instrument. The class covers a diverse range of styles, including classical, jazz, Latin, rock, funk and pop. A coed choral class and IB Diploma Programme music classes are also offered.

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Student performers share their talents with each other and the school community throughout the year. Public performance begins at the kindergarten level, encouraging students to step into the spotlight and inviting them to share their creative skills, talent and confidence. Fall and spring stage productions are open to students in Grades 6–12, and rehearsals take place after school. Through a range of high school classes, students have opportunities to learn acting, directing, musical theater, writing and adapting plays, as well as set and lighting design.

An after school Music Conservatory offers lessons to elementary students interested in gaining proficiency — and eventually mastery — of a musical instrument in a positive instructional setting. Lessons ranging from beginner to advanced are offered for piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin, trumpet, trombone and French horn.

Performing Arts faculty Patrick Galvin SHB'03 performs a violin solo of Johann Sebastian Bach's masterpiece, "Three Sonatas and Three Partitas," in Syufy Theatre.

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Reagan | Grade 10

Besides golf, my favorite school activity is playing the trumpet with our jazz band. We filmed a music video this past year.

Jazz Band & Golf
Pine-Octavia Courtyard

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