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Performing Arts

Mastering the fundamentals

Our students learn the foundations of music and voice and have exciting elective opportunities for instruction and performance with instruments, in various vocal groups, and in theater.

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Photo of a group of students playing the saxophone.

Visual Arts

An arts education in context

Combining history, theory and practical application, our rich and varied visual arts program encourages students to develop their identities as creative practitioners.

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Photo of a high school girl drawing a self portrait.

Design & Prototyping

A nexus for innovation

Our state-of-the-art innovation studio, the Unkefer Spark Studio encourages thoughtful risk taking, collaboration, and experimentation with a wide range high and low tech materials.

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Photo of boy smiling in the sparks studio.

Unkefer Spark Studio: Nexus for Innovation

Student Profiles

Ada | Grade 11

I think the more coed aspect of high school adds different perspectives and can make classes more fun, while keeping the more important core classes single-sex.

  • Activity
    Field Hockey & Admissions Ambassador
  • Tradition
    Ring Ceremony
  • Space
    The Belvedere
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Reagan | Grade 11

My favorite space is the courtyard on the Pine-Octavia campus because, while eating or hanging out, you’re surrounded by modern and traditional architecture in the middle of the city.

  • Subject
  • Activities
    Jazz Band & Golf
  • Space
    Pine-Octavia Courtyard
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